Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 9) – A Gourmet Getaway ~Fragrant Tentacles on the Beach~

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Kokkoro won the lottery and as a result, the Gourmet Guild is heading to the beach to enjoy a well-earned vacation. However, they soon find themselves in the middle of a battle between rival snack shacks!

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (Episode 9) – A Gourmet Getaway ~Fragrant Tentacles on the Beach~

What happened?

The night before leaving for the beach, Kokkoro seeks Yuuki approval of her swimsuit and shares a guild on swimming with him. They practice on the bed and the floor, clearly excited for their new adventure. At the beach, Pecorine unleashed a massive wave washing Yuuki and Kokkoro out to sea. She then takes Karyl for a paddle and once they’re all back they bump into an old friend. Suzume explains that she and Saren have set up a snack shack on the beach and she invites them all to come and eat. It’s surprisingly quiet, especially given how good the food is. Unfortunately, it’s because of a rival snack shack. The Gourmet Guild offers to help them create a signature dish, but then the Kraken attacks the beach and puts everything on hold!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 9 Pecorine at the beach

What did you think?

I was not expecting a beach episode in this series… but, I’ll allow it! One of my favourite things about a good beach episode is the beautiful blue skies and rippling water. I grew up by the sea and have lived near it all of my life until I moved to Canada. It definitely gets to me, especially as I haven’t seen the sea in several years now! My troubles aside, this was a fun episode and pretty much what I’ve come to expect from his series. It really is a lot of fun and I’m enjoying all of the characters, and yes, that means Yuuki too. I think his amnesia and the severity of it is one of the more interesting threads in the story and has the most potential. The way this episode ended it almost felt like the end of the season, which makes me think the main story will pick up for the last four episodes.

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 9 Sarin and Akino going head to head

What have you learnt?

Surprisingly, I think that this series is currently my favourite for the season, tied with Fruits Basket. It has a lot of re-watch potential because the jokes are simple and entertaining and it has a fun energy that seeps into your brain. On top of that, the animation is always a feast for the eyes (get it? Feast… Gourmet Guild…) Anyhow, I really like the mix of characters and how they’re fitting in the vast array of side characters from the game. With so many, you’d think it would get confusing and a bit crowded, but they’ve found a really nice balance and I’m able to recognise them from their previous appearances. I just need to work out how they’re doing it. Re-watch!

Princess Connect ReDive Episode 9 Sarin finishing off the Kraken

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  1. “Surprisingly, I think that this series is currently my favourite for the season, tied with Fruits Basket.”

    It is a refreshing show to watch, isn’t it? It’s just so danged pleasant!

    • Yeah, I can’t help but smile for the entire episode and this week’s was even better with the blue sky, sea, and the beach.

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