Ragna Crimson (Volume 10) – You Kids Fought Very Well…

Ragna Crimson Volume 10 Cover

The remains of the capital erupted as Ragna fought Woltekamui, the Argentum Corps fought Olto Zora, Golem and Chimera fought Borgius, and Crimson went after Ultimatia. It is hell on Earth!

Ragna Crimson (Volume 10) – You Kids Fought Very Well…

What happened?

Ragna and Woltekamui fought through the sky, each attack getting stronger and stronger. Before long, their fight had reached the upper atmosphere and there seemed to be no stopping them. Narazena found Princess Starlia and tried to comfort her as she stared at the battle before her. She knew that it was too late for the Princess, but offered what support she could. Starlia just wanted to watch Ragna’s battle and pray for his victory.

Golem and Chimera were unable to do any real damage to Borgius who had now merged with the Writhing Shade. The barrier that Neblim installed to block the sun had removed their main weapons. So, when it suddenly disappeared, they unleashed hell on Borgius. Golem attacked with his solar weapons while Chimera used Borgius’ shadow against himself. They owed this change of circumstances to Crimson and Slime who had removed Neblim from the playing field, allowing Crimson to face Ultimatia alone.

Olto Zora believed that all he had to do was hold out against the Argentum Corps since had been releasing an odourless toxin into the air. However, Fu had been using his absorption magic to ensure that no one was exposed to it. Olto Zora gave himself a massive power-up and then started to slice through the corps. Their only hope was for Fu to release all the stored magic in one final attack. However, he needed twenty seconds to do that. Chris volunteered to buy him that time. Even without his artificial arm which had stopped working signalling Starlia’s death, he fought until Fu was able to attack, finishing off Olto Zora and Chris in the process.

Ragna Crimson Volume 10 Ragna and Woltekamui in orbit

What did you think?

Well, that was a lot of action! Seriously, I think the first twenty to thirty pages were all full-page panels with almost zero text. And that happens several times throughout the book. It was exhilarating, if a little confusing on occasion. In the end, it all made sense, but there were times when I had to go back over a couple of pages because I’d missed something. This was a showdown of epic proportions and it’s not even the end of the series. There are currently another three books in Japan and the series is still going and it wouldn’t surprise me if Ragna and Woltekamui are still fighting!

Back in October 2023, I started watching the anime, but then my schedule got hit hard. I put it on hold and continued with the manga. I have one more book to read before I’m waiting for translations to happen, but after that, I will dive back into the anime. If it has even half the energy the manga does, it’s going to be incredible. This series started well and then had a little blip, but since then it’s just got stronger and stronger. I can’t wait to find out how it ends.

Ragna Crimson Volume 10 Crimson fighting Ultimatia

Volume highlights

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