Ragna Crimson (Volume 5) – We Must Work Together

Ragna Crimson Volume 5 Cover

Starlia wants to kill Crimson, however, she’s also fallen for Ragna… She doesn’t know if she can trust Crimson’s information, but they need Ragna’s Silverine Arts if they are to survive the upcoming attack!

Ragna Crimson (Volume 5) – We Must Work Together

What happened?

Starlia has completely fallen for Ragna. To her, he appears as a silver sword with arms and legs. He’s as close to perfection as she can imagine and his desire to kill all dragons is something of a turn-on, too! However, she mustn’t let that distract her from dealing with Crimson who she believes is utter filth and needs to be exterminated. Unfortunately, it’s apparent that they are on a different level to Starlia and her forces. Ragna offers to cooperate with them if they don’t kill Crimson since he’s already signed up for that one.

Ragna agrees to infuse their weapons with Silverine making them more effective against the army of dragons that they are expecting to attack. Those dragons are accompanied by two members of the Blood of the Wing bloodline. Crimson gives them details about who will attack and what powers they possess. However, Starlia has to put a table between her and Ragna so as not to be distracted.

Meanwhile, Ultimatia is still struggling with what happened against Ragna. As a result, she’s lost her ability to control time. She’s retired to her room, scared and confused about what is going on. Has God forsaken her? Woltekamui wandered in without a care and began to tell her about his mission to find out who killed Disas Trois. He even brought back the head of the hunter and began to tell her about the silver sword he found. He pushed Ultimatia until she snapped and finally ordered him to bring her the heads of those who did this to her, much to his delight.

Starlia’s preparations had been completed. Crimson even helped them with their teleportation circle. However, when the dragons attacked, they were surprised to discover that it was humans attacking and not dragons. They were under the control of Olto Zora, The Mad Maestro who can manipulate people’s minds with chemicals he produces in his blood. How can they fight mind-controlled humans?

Ragna Crimson Volume 5 Starlia Lese telling Ragna what to do

What did you think?

My thought process with this series so far has gone like this. After the first volume, I was sold on the premise. The second and third volumes left me wavering. Well, the fourth and fifth volumes have got me back on board. This was excellent. I did a great job of explaining lots of the things that are happening in ways that didn’t feel like info dumps. There were a couple, but that’s fine. Overall, it did a great job. Starlia continues to be an impressive character and her way of hiding from Ragna has been interesting, to say the least.

Of course, the best moment was when you realised that Olto was using humans to fight against Starlia’s forces knowing that they would struggle to kill them. They hadn’t counted on Starlia being absolutely ruthless in her approach. It helps that she can see everything for what it is, but that doesn’t make it any easier for them to fight back, especially when Olto is using children as well as adults. He is wonderfully twisted. It’s going to be insane if Woltekamui shows up as well. Things are getting really exciting.

Ragna Crimson Volume 5 Starlia Lese falls for Ragna

Volume highlights

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