Ragna Crimson (Volume 6) – The Situation is Under Control

Ragna Crimson Volume 6 Cover

Their base is attacked by two Dragon Monarchs, but miraculously they survive the initial attack thanks to Ragna. However, Olto Zora has many more wicked schemes at their disposal. The battle has just begun!

Ragna Crimson (Volume 6) – The Situation is Under Control

What happened?

Ragna deflected Taratectra’s attack which would have certainly destroyed the majority of the base. That allowed Starlia to focus on going after Olto Zora. However, Olto knew that would happen and surrounded the base with the Writhing Shade. This makes it almost impossible for Starlia to see the dragons. To make matters worse, Olto has forty mature dragons who have reached a point where they have been able to learn magic.

Ragna and Taratectra continue to fight, however, Ragna’s Silverine Arts has been drained from infusing the weapons. This has probably saved him though as they don’t believe he’s the Reaper so Woltekamui has not been summoned. It comes down to a straight head-to-head as both Ragna and Taratectra attack with their strongest move. Ragna removes one of Taratectra’s arms but is hurt in the process. Then, Shin Cutlass arrives and helps Ragna. However, Shin challenges Ragna in his depleted state and wins for the first time. As a result, Slime goes with Shin as they chase after Taratectra.

Meanwhile, Starlia’s forces continue to kill dragons, utilising their blood for the magical teleportation circle. However, Olto Zora has worked out what they are doing and positioned the mind-controlled humans around the base, within the teleportation range. That means they need more blood before it can activate. Then, the mature dragons attack the base and one even has Ultimatia’s power to control time! This is not looking good!

Ragna Crimson Volume 6 Taratectra after Ragna's ultimate move

What did you think?

Well, this was an exciting volume. One thing that I think is important with a story is that it rises. The further in you get the higher the stakes should be, the more intense the action, the darker the misery. This volume did exactly that and while there were some small victories, the battle is far from over and it appears to be swinging in the dragons’ favour. Of course, Crimson has just changed the game by brainwashing the civilians and turning them against the mind-controlled humans, knowing that there will be lots of casualties. Crimson really is twisted, but this was the best they’ve been in a while. I like it when Crimson manipulates from the shadows.

I’m not entirely sure what is going on with Ragna and Shin. Shin is turning into a real liability and while he may have bested Ragna after he’d almost died at the hands of Taratectra, I don’t think he’ll stand much of a chance against Taratectra. I can see there being many more casualties in the next volume and I wouldn’t be surprised if Shin was one of them. It also wouldn’t concern me too much as he’s become quite annoying and the backstory didn’t do anything to make me empathize with him. Either way, the next volume should be thrilling.

Ragna Crimson Volume 6 A mature dragon attacks the base

Volume highlights

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