Record of Grancrest War (Episode 14) – The Liberator of Sistina

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After killing Salvador Rossini, Theo’s cause picked up momentum and he soon had a rebel army to command. They didn’t have to wait long, however, as Dorni Rossini was keen to bring the fight to them!

What happened?

However, before the battle began, Irvin and the werewolf twins were lured away by the assassin and the Black Witch. It’s a problem losing such strong fighters, but if they can take out so dangerous opponents, then it will be worth it. Theo activates his union flag to give his men courage and determination. They’re facing quite the army, so they’re going to need it.

Irvin makes contact with the assassin and their fight quickly escalates. When it’s revealed that the assassin is using poisoned blades, Irvin starts to take things seriously. Meanwhile, Emma and Luna find themselves facing off against a demon that has been summoned by the Black Witch. It’s hiding within a protective barrier, making it almost impossible to attack it.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 14 Black Witch

Theo takes on Dorni, bringing him off his horse and using his lighter armour to keep Dorni moving. Before long, Dorni is exhausted from fighting in his heavy plate armour. Some of his soldiers jump in to save him, but they are quickly dispatched by Theo too. Finally, he disarms Dorni and strikes the killer blow.

Irvin managed to outmanoeuvre the assassin and land a killer blow of his own, however, the assassin lands a cut on Irvin’s arm and with the poison, it’s enough to bring him down too. Emma and Luna use the demon’s forcefield to leap up into the air and slash at the Black Witch. She gets away, but the damage was done and the demon disappears.

The Black Witch appears on the battlefield and launches her broom at Theo once more. Siluca is quick to respond and sends her wand to intercept, taking down the Black Witch. Aishela rushes to capture her once and for all. Theo heads to the Capitol of Sistina and gives his demands to the Rossinis. The third son pledges his loyalty to Theo and hopes to help make Sistina a better place.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 14 Siluca

What did you think?

So, this was a pretty epic battle. I was a little surprised at just how quickly Theo conquered his homelands, but that’s kind of how this series goes. You never really know what pace it’s going to run at for any given scene. That said, it was enjoyable and I loved Irvin’s fight with the assassin. Luckily, Priscila was around to offer some medical attention. I would like to see a little more Aishela, if I’m completely honest.

Again, the story is far more enjoyable when it focuses on Theo and his party. I doubt it will continue for much longer, but it is a notable improvement on some of the other episodes. There have been great moments without them, but the best episodes do seem to feature them heavily.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 14 Theo defeats Dorni Rossini

What have you learnt?

Some of the comments that I often see raised against fantasy stories is the lack of explanation behind the magic systems. This seems like a pretty odd thing to get upset about. It’s magic! Should there really be too much of an explanation? I personally think vague is better. It’s like in a zombie movie when they try to tell you where the zombie virus came from. We don’t need that. Just show us the horde of zombies trying to get the living. Keep it simple!

I will say again that I love how the chaos energy that is plaguing the lands (although not enough to really get much of a mention for ten episodes) has given some characters heightened abilities. Irvin and Aishela have benefitted from this and the werewolves and vampires comes from the same idea. Now, they still haven’t really explained the nature behind chaos or the magic that Siluca is able to command, but that hasn’t diminished my enjoyment one bit.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 14 Irvin fighting an assassin

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