Record of Grancrest War (Episode 2) – Ambition

Record of Grancrest War Title

Theo has acquired the lands of the previous lord and been welcomed by the villagers. Siluca has aligned them with the Union which leaves them surrounded by enemies. It’s just a matter of time before one attacks!

What happened?

Theo looked out over his new lands and still couldn’t believe what has happened. All he wanted was to attain a rank that would enable him to take control of his home village. He’s also struggling with Siluca’s motivation. What could possibly make her want to make a contract with a low-level lord like him? It was clear that she didn’t want to align herself with the lord she’d originally been assigned to, but Theo was as different as possible.

Siluca told him that she didn’t want to make a contract with anyone, but his goals spoke to her. He was confused, but she stated that wanting to save his village was a noble goal and she would help him continue his path to help his and all the villages. At last, Theo accepted his position in things and told her that he would serve her in any way she wanted.

Now, they would sit and wait for someone attack. Of course, they didn’t have to wait long. The first to make a move was David Lassic. Siluca had made preparations to counter such an attack and that was one single warrior – Aishela. With Irvin and Aishela, Siluca defended the castle against the invaders. David’s mage zeroed in on Siluca with hope of capturing her as hostage, however, Theo intervened and captured him. When he told David to concede, his mage thought that he would laugh them away, but he conceded and offered his service to Theo.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 2 Irvin

What did you think?

I feel like the political aspects of the story are moving a little too quickly. It was fairly obvious that David Lassic would join Theo’s ranks (thanks OP for that spoiler), but it happened a little too quickly. I liked that he acted in a way to protect his men and that he was able to see the strength of his opponents. He has ambition, but it’s not all-consuming. So, in the end, it made sense that he would seek to serve the strongest lord he could find, but that does make his loyalty questionable.

It was interesting to learn a little more about the “artists”, although there is still lots to discover. What is the significance of the marks on their bodies and how does that affect them. We got to see Irvin in combat and he is one cool customer, but the introduction of Aishela was the highlight for me. She is instantly my favourite character and I hope to see more of her and her wild antics.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 2 Aishela

What have you learnt?

One thing that often bothers me with fantasy stories is how willing everyone is to die for their cause. Even low ranking soldiers seem ready to throw down their lives for their lords by charging in without hesitation. It was refreshing to see a group that was lead by a soldier that seemed determined to keep them alive. That then was shown in the lord, David Lassic and how he valued his mage. He could have continued to fight and sacrifice him, but he didn’t. He realised that he had lost and did what he had to in order to save his life and that of his men.

There has obviously been a lot of world-building that has gone into this series and I’m here for that. I am still intrigued by the story and looking forward to seeing where this series goes.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 2 David Lassic

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  1. “I feel like the political aspects of the story are moving a little too quickly. ”

    Welcome to Grancrest Senki!

    Seriously, as much as I love the show, it really doesn’t take a breath.

    You mentioned the world-building, and I think that’s this series’ strength. Or one of them. Siluca’s another strength!

    • Well, I am planning on rewriting an alternate history vampire story as an epic fantasy so just trying to absorb all the world-building. Going to start work on that one once the first draft of my current project it finished.

      Also, yes. Siluca is awesome.

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