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Theo arrives at Eramu with the Imperial army and is ready to attack, but the Mage Association has a couple more tricks left to play. The first involves releasing a one-eyed giant with untold destructive power!

What happened?

Having been released from his prison the Cyclops prowled around outside the city walls looking for things to do. Luckily for the Cyclops, David Lassic was also looking for something to do. Even when his mage, Moreno explained how dangerous the Cyclops was and how hard it was for the Mage Association to bring it down the first time, David Lassic was determined to make his name as memorable as Theo’s, and this was just the challenge he’d been looking for.

It also gave him a chance to take away a major threat to their invasion plan, allowing the rest of the army to focus on capturing the city. Moreno revealed that they had originally blinded the Cyclops to defeat it, so David had him work on a blinding light spell. Without his wand, it was going to take time, something that David was prepared to buy him.

He attacked the Cyclops, accompanied by his artists. They managed to keep the Cyclops busy but were little more than an annoyance to it. At one point, it looked like David was going to get crushed, but Grasik, his artist that could harden his skin saved him and took a repeated pounding from the Cyclops. When Moreno was ready, he unleashed his magic and blinded it. David Lassic raced into action, riding onto the Cyclops on his horse and driving his lance through its chest, with the help of his crest’s power.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 23 The Mages release the Cyclops

With the Cyclops defeated, Theo gave the orders to attack. Alexis would orchestrate the attack. They used different forces to attack from many sides at once, drawing the fire of the canons. Most of it was a diversion and the siege towers decoys. Queen Edokia reflected on some advice from one of her former husbands about how a canon when overused will eventually break. Can’t help but wonder if he was talking about something else…

Anyhow, the canons did break. In the disarray, Petol led a group up and over the walls, capturing the gates. They had broken inside. All that was left to do was to capture all the districts and find the head of the Mage Association. Then, something happened and Theo, Siluca, Irvin, Aishela, Luna and Emma found themselves back in the Forest of Eternal Darkness. Dimitrie had invited them!

Record of Grancrest War Episode 23 David Lassic versus the Cyclops

What did you think?

I felt a little bit like Queen Edokia watching this episode, sitting back smiling and in complete awe of everything happening. The fight between Lassic and the Cyclops was amazing and I can’t help but think the innuendo police would have a field day with this episode. First, there was a one-eyed monster… then David Lassic penetrated it with his red hot lance… then we had exploding canons, exhausted from overuse… Seriously, though this episode was excellent.

I can’t believe I have just one episode left and I feel like there could be so much more. This series has had some issues with pacing and trying to incorporate too many characters too quickly, but the ending has been dynamite so far. I just hope that the final episode brings it all together nicely.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 23 Edokia is enjoying the show

What have you learnt?

I love epic fantasy! That’s all…

I’m glad that this series was given twenty-four episodes to attempt to tell its story, even though in reality that still wasn’t enough. One thing that could certainly have used a little more attention was the chaos and the monsters that it creates. It certainly would have made some of those battles more interesting if there was the threat of giant monsters attacking at random. Anyhow, I’m off to watch the last episode now.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 23 Marrine attacks

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