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After Milza took one castle with ease, it was Theo’s turn to show what he can do. However, their approaches couldn’t be more different. With the messy business out of the way, it’s time for another dance!

What happened?

Theo entered the city that stood in the way of Villar’s plans and met with the lord. They both held strong convictions. Theo offered the lord a way out, but he was not prepared to give an inch, except when his people spoke out and refused to let him sacrifice himself for them. When Theo saw this he withdrew, accepting a defeat as he didn’t want to endanger the people. The lord was stunned and even more so when Theo made him another offer. Join them and spare all from danger. He agreed to pledge his loyalty to David Lassic, although preferred that it was Theo.

Meanwhile, David Lassic defeated a champion in single combat and the region was theirs. They won without losing a single soldier. Villar was impressed and with that bit of sport out of the way, they continued to the assembly. Once there, he was met with a mix of emotions from the other lords. Some believe he has the right approach and others worried that the peace will end because of his actions.

At the dance, Theo and Siluca met Marquess Alexis Deux who remembered Siluca from his wedding day and had heard tales of Theo. He seemed quite taken with Theo and asked to talk to him in private at a later date. Then, Villar introduced Theo to the lord of his land that he planned to unseat. He didn’t seem too impressed at a commoner using the Cornaro family name.

Later that evening, Theo and Siluca were surprised by a secret visit from Alexis Deux. He told them that he still loved Marrine Kreische and was inspired by the way Theo gave up everything for Siluca. He hoped that they could be friends. Then, as Alexis was leaving they were attacked by assassins, however, the assassins were actually after Theo.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 7 Villar Siluca and Theo

What did you think?

It was interesting seeing Theo take a very different approach to Milza and achieve a similar result. I’d imagine Villar is very happy to have such variety in his knights. As far as cinematic enjoyment, Milza’s was the more entertaining victory, but I did appreciate the way the Theo turned the lord around. He was lucky that this lord was such an honourable man and not the sleazebag that Milza was sent to deal with. It’s almost as if Villar knew who to send where…

Talking of Villar, there’s no way he did know what he was doing when he introduced Theo to the lord of his homeland, the one he hopes to defeat. It was funny how he was very much a contrast to every other person in the room. That guy is definitely a villain, he’s wearing all black. Anyhow, that led to the action at the end of the episode which was a lot of fun. This series delivers some mean action scenes.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 7 Emma and Luna

What have you learnt?

The pacing is far from perfect and some things seem to happen a little too easily, but I am enjoying the mix of politics and action. Hoping we’ll see a little more of the more fantastical side of things too, especially the artists and other chaos fueled beings. I’m going to have to keep an eye on Villar as he’s far more devious that they’re letting on and they’re making him out to be quite devious! I do enjoy stories with lots of moving parts and scheming. Going to be interesting to see how this all develops.

Record of Grancrest War Episode 7 Siluca and Theo protecting Marquess Alexis Deux

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  1. I remember coming across this at game stop. what kept me from buying it was the fact that it came in a box set. In my experience, games in box sets turned out to be poor experiences. I believe Artinelico was in a box set and that game, (story wise) drove me crazy to the point I threw my controller. Looks like I misjudged this one if they managed to get an anime adaptation. Though, I remember the days of the Dot hack series.

    • I think there’s a light novel too. It’s interesting and has some pacing issues so far, but the world-building is good and has a catchy OP. This is my first time watching it as well, so I’ve no idea how I’ll fee at the end yet.

      It is 24 episodes long so should have lots of room to develop.

    • Actually, it’s kind of the opposite. Quickly gets through a lot of things and then slows down.

    • There’s always a slow point somewhere in a 24 episode anime. With the exception of attack on titan.

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