Record of Ragnarok (Episode 6) – Great Emulation

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After the first fight, Zeus was so fired up that he had no intention of waiting so he took Shiva’s bout from him. That may backfire though as Adam has a few tricks up his… well, he has some tricks anyhow!

Record of Ragnarok (Episode 6) – Great Emulation

What happened?

However, Shiva did not want to allow Zeus to take his fight, but when he realised just how powerful Zeus was he stepped down. It was probably a wise decision all-around although Hermes was looking forward to seeing them fight. In the arena, Zeus was quick to belittle and antagonise Adam, especially since he didn’t have a weapon. That was when Adam pointed up to show a valkyrie riding on Pegasus. Reginleif merged with Adam and became a knuckleduster… Adam seemed quite happy although he was the only one.

Zeus decided to end it instantly and flew forward with a jab. However, Adam dodged it. Zeus increased his speed, but Adam remained untouched. No matter how fast Zeus’ attacks became Adam was able to avoid them. Then, Adam turned those same attacks on Zeus and battered him. After another failed series of attacks, Zeus decided to use the attack his father, Cronos had used on him. It was a punch that defied physics. It was faster than time itself. Adam was especially delighted to learn that one and hit back before Zeus could make contact.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 6 Zeus threatens Adam

What did you think?

I came into this episode not expecting much and I think that probably improved my enjoyment to no end. Zeus has become a bit of a cartoon character so it was hard to take much seriously, but I actually enjoyed the way Adam was able to mirror his opponents’ moves and learn them instantly. I don’t think it made much sense in relation to the stories of Adam but it was a nice idea. It certainly made for an entertaining fight.

After all that, Brunhilde still managed to steal the show with her facial expressions. The shock on her face when Adam made contact with Zeus’ face was priceless. It was almost as if she wasn’t expecting it. I’m not entirely sure the fight is over just yet, but it would be interesting to see the power vacuum left if Zeus is killed.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 6 Brunhilde loving it

What have you learnt?

Sadly, I doubt this series is going to really look into that. We’ve not really had much of a flashback from Zeus’ or Adam’s past other than the moment Zeus killed his father. That definitely helped with the flow of the fight and makes me wish they had done a better job with the Thor and Lu Bu fight. That should have been epic, but for the pacing issues, I’ve mentioned previously.

I wouldn’t say I’ve learnt anything from this episode, but I do feel like it’s validated some of my earlier points about focusing on the fight and not getting too caught up in their backstories. At least not in a superficial manner as we’ve seen already. Either they want us to care for the characters or enjoy the fights. A twelve-episode season isn’t long enough for both, unfortunately.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 6 Adam dodging Zeus attack

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