Record of Ragnarok (Episodes 23-27) – Buddha versus Zerofuku

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The latest battle between man and god has taken a peculiar twist. Buddha has sided with the humans and will take on whoever the gods send against him. They have chosen Zerofuku, the god of misfortune!

Record of Ragnarok (Episodes 23-27) – Buddha versus Zerofuku

Episode 22 – Round Six

After he found himself questioning Buddha’s loyalty to the gods, Zeus asked him to fight in the next contest. Buddha agreed, but he doesn’t like to be told to do anything so when he entered the arena, he strolled to the opposite side and turned to face the gods. He told them that he was going to represent humanity and pretty much called them a bunch of weaklings. Zeus was furious, but not surprised. He was ready to get in the ring again and fight Buddha, but another was chosen that had a close tie to Buddha.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 23 Buddha switches sides

Episode 23 – Zero

Zerofuku was an optimistic god who tried to take on the misfortunes of man. However, free from their burdens they soon forgot about him and began to abuse their fortune. So, when Zerofuku saw Buddha and his followers, all happy and attentive despite their burdens, he was mad. Now, with all of those misfortunes stored up, Zerofuku is prepared to show Buddha that he was wrong.

Record of Ragnarok Episode 24 Zerofukus misfortune

Episode 24 – The Strongest Puberty in History

Buddha was born a prince in a wealthy land. He was great at everything he did, but it did not fulfil him. His best friend died from an illness that could not be stopped and it changed Buddha’s perspective. There are no guarantees as to when you might die so you need to be thankful for the time you have. He abandoned his life of riches and became one with the ordinary people. Even with their burdens, they found peace of mind and contentment. This was a lesson that Buddha was keen to teach Zerofuku and he almost did it, if not for some external meddling!

Record of Ragnarok Episode 25 Buddha fighting Zerofuku

Episode 25 – Legend of the Underworld

Zerofuku’s body was taken over by Hagun, Legend of the Underworld. His appearance even brought Hades to the arena, desperate to see how he got there. Well, it would appear that Beelzebub had a part in that, infecting Zerofuku with a piece of Hagun’s body. This was a problem for BuUddha as he couldn’t read Hagun’s moves since he was pure darkness, devoid of emotion. Would he be able to prevail?

Record of Ragnarok Episode 26 Buddha fighting Hagun

Episode 26 – The Way of Light

Buddha was on the ropes. He was struggling to keep up with Hagun, suffering from multiple injuries. However, when he was down he found Zerofuku’s weapon and was able to use it with Zerofuku’s blessing. He stood tall and prepared to attack. Hagun wasn’t worried, but maybe he should have been. Then, something happened. Buddha could sense Hagun’s movement. Even the tiniest bit of doubt was enough to shine a light on him. Buddha charged, swinging his blade down and cleaving Hagun in two. Buddha had won. Humanity had won!

Record of Ragnarok Episode 27 Buddhas final attack

What did you think?

Despite this being a fight that lasted five episodes, I actually really enjoyed it and I think that is down to the way I watched it. Treating it as a movie and watching all five episodes in one go made the story flow better. The flashbacks weren’t as intrusive. It was a much better viewing experience that an episode at a time.

Buddha was a great character and the fact that he switched sides made him that much more interesting, and given what we know about Buddha, it seemed like something he would have done. There were lots of great Brunhilde moments in this fight. I think my only criticism is that Zerofuku was kind of a rubbish opponent. Admittedly, Hagun wasn’t much better. It would have been better to see Buddha fight someone truly immense like Zeus. Still, it was a lot of fun as the gods can attest!

Record of Ragnarok Episode 27 Ares Zeus and Hermes

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