Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers- (Episode 7) – The Reasons of the Two

Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers Title

Adlet tells Fremy about the Fiend who visited his village, turning them against one another. She knew of him, and that might be enough for her to go easy on him. She leaves and joins the others, but Adlet is still in danger.

Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers- (Episode 7) – The Reasons of the Two

What happened?

Adlet’s village was visited by a Fiend who could talk. It had three wings on its back. Fremy instantly recognised him as one of the Demon God’s three generals. He had informed the village elders that their territory was now Fiend territory and if anyone objected, they should cut out their hearts and offer them to the Demon God. Adlet’s friend and sister sacrificed themselves so that he could escape. Then, he found his way to an old warrior, one that Fremy had on her hit list, who trained him and taught him about medicine, weapons, and science. His goal was to prepare Adlet for anything. Fremy told him that she was going to go back to the temple, but gave him a gunpowder pouch that only she would be able to track. When he needed to see her, all he had to do was throw it.

After a night’s sleep, the Braves paired off and went out in search of Adlet, leaving Hans behind to guard the temple. Nashentania was determined to clear Adlet’s name and begged Goldov to help, but he refused, believing that Adlet was the seventh! Mora and Fremy went off in another direction, leaving Chamo to play in the forest. Adlet took the chance to return to the temple and recover his stuff. He was going to need it if he was to clear his name and find out who was the seventh Brave. However, Hans saw him coming and attacked. The others heard the fighting and hurried back, but what would they find when they got there?

What did you think?

We saw a little more of Adlet’s past and it was far more sinister than it had seemed when we were led to believe that Fiends had killed everyone. The fact that the villagers turned on one another because of the words of the Fiend is truly disturbing and I can’t imagine how that would have impacted Adlet. It wasn’t clear, but I’m pretty sure that Fremy believes him although she can’t understand how he can clear himself. That’s why she is distancing herself. If not him, then they’ll likely suspect her once more.

Hans continues to excel in pushing peoples’ buttons. This time, he made a point of singling out Fremy because he didn’t believe that she would be able to kill her mother if she showed up. I understand what he’s saying and the reasoning behind it, but Fremy isn’t any normal person. She’s half-Fiend and has a big grudge to overcome. Still, that doesn’t help Hans from removing any suspicions the others may hold against him. In fact, I think Mora made a strange decision to split the group into pairs. It seems reckless to assume that Adlet is the seventh without any doubt. Putting them in pairs potentially puts one of them with the seventh. I liked that Adlet realised that and pointed out that the seventh could kill someone and blame him for it. Before long, the group would eat itself and the Demon God would be victorious.

I feel like we can forget about Goldov being the seventh. He’s just too simple with his logic. It makes sense that it’s Adlet so Adlet it is. Of course, the seventh would single out the target that everyone will believe in. But then, there’s Nashentania who is determined to prove Adlet innocent. It’s clever because no one would believe that a guilty person would attempt to clear the name of another. Who is the imposter?

Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers Episode 7 Nashentania and Goldov Auora

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Series Information

English TitleRokka: Braves of the Six Flowers
Japanese TitleRokka no Yuusha
ReleasedSummer 2015
Animation StudiosPassione
GenresActionAdventure, Fantasy, Mystery

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