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Adlet Mayer tries to convince Hans Humpty that he isn’t the fake Brave, which is easier said than done. Meanwhile, Mora tells Fremy that she must kill Adlet and Nashentania tries to convince Goldov to trust her!

Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers- (Episode 8) – The Average Man and the Genius

What happened?

To convince Hans, Adlet’s first challenge is to stop Hans from killing him. He has to resort to some sort of gas that makes it impossible for either to see. However, Hans doesn’t need his sight to hunt Adlet down. Soon, Adlet realises that he can’t run and since he doesn’t want to kill Hans, he needs to come up with a way to convince him that he’s not the fake. After getting him to stop for a second, Adlet takes off all of his equipment, throwing it on the floor between them. He knows that Hans will be watching closely, searching for whatever Adlet will use to fight. Adlet twists the handle of his sword and fires the blade at Hans. It knocks Han’s blade out of his hand. Was that enough?

Adlet took off his armour and dropped the handle of his sword. He had no other way to fight, so why would he waste his one surprise attack by not aiming to kill? Hans understood this but then revealed that he was the fake, leaving Adlet surprised and frustrated that his gamble backfired. Before he could get to his weapons, Hans was on him, slicing his throat. Well, at least that’s what Hans made Adlet see. He needed to see how Adlet would respond to Hans claiming he was the fake. If he was confused, then Hans would know that it was Adlet. However, his face did not let him down. Hans accepted that Adlet was a real Brave, but now they had to convince the others, and work out who the real fake was!

What did you think?

Adlet may have convinced Hans, but that hasn’t really cleared up anything. And there was a lot of potential misdirection in this episode. I liked that Hans revealed that he did think it wasn’t Adlet since he had no reason to defend Fremy and could have killed her before they got to the temple. Of course, it’s hard to overlook the seal on the temple. That was when Hans asked Adlet how the barrier was erected. That gave Adlet an idea since only he, Fremy, Nashentania, and Goldov were aware of the process to activate it. Unfortunately, their attempt to talk to Chamo ended with her unleashing the contents of her stomach to attack them. She didn’t care if they were real, she was going to kill everyone until she found the fake and then go after the Demon God!

However, the moments that really caught my eye, were when Mora was talking to Fremy and the conversation between Nashentania and Goldov. Firstly, Mora flat-out told Fremy that she must kill Adlet the next time she sees him. Now, I understand that Adlet looks like a guaranteed fake from her perspective, but telling Fremy to kill him puts some suspicion back onto her, although it will be easy to blame Fremy as she would be the next target should the barrier not be dispelled. Then, there was the conversation between Nashentania and Goldov. He swears that Adlet is the fake while she is convinced he’s not. Goldov got frustrated by this and told her that Adlet was their enemy. Well, if Goldov is the fake then that would still be true. But, only the real fake would know that Adlet is not the fake. Who could it be?

Rokka Braves of the Six Flowers Episode 8 Mora Chester tells Fremy Speeddraw to kill Adlet Mayer

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Series Information

English TitleRokka: Braves of the Six Flowers
Japanese TitleRokka no Yuusha
ReleasedSummer 2015
Animation StudiosPassione
GenresActionAdventure, Fantasy, Mystery

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