Sabikui Bisco (Episode 2) – Soar on King Trumpets

Sabikui Bisco Title

Bisco Akaboshi is on a mission to save his mentor, Jabi and to do that he needs to find the Rust-eater mushroom. He tears up the town while Milo attempts to stabilize Jabi unaware that his sister is about to find Bisco!

Sabikui Bisco (Episode 2) – Soar on King Trumpets

What happened?

The monk is revealed to be Bisco Akaboshi and the load he’s carrying on his wagon is a giant crab called Actagawa and his mentor, Jabi. The guards call in reinforcements, but Bisco and Jabi are quick to run after turning the Ganma gate station into a patch of giant mushrooms. They haven’t got far when the hippos arrive. Luckily, their machine guns are no match for Actagawa’s shell, however, there are too many of them. Bisco uses a king trumpet mushroom to fire them over the wall and away from the hippos.

Outside the walls of Imihama, they are attacked by an Escargot, a flying gunship that is part snail. It makes several attacks but Bisco is equal to them. However, an electric eel wriggles out of the sand and latches onto Bisco’s leg. While he’s trying to break free, the Escargot opens fire. Jabi saves him, taking several shots in the process. Bisco is furious and downs the Escargot with one shot.

In Imihama, Bisco asks Milo for help with Jabi. He says he’s asked around and he’s the best doctor around. Kurokawa’s bunny soldiers find them and attack, ignoring the fact that he has Milo hostage. Bisco has to destroy the Panda Clinic so they can escape. Milo agrees to help Jabi, but not before tending to Bisco’s wounds. Bisco leaves and creates a diversion, that attracts Milo’s sister, Pawoo who just learnt that the Panda Clinic was destroyed!

Sabikui Bisco Episode 2 Bisco Akaboshi versus Pawoo Nekoyanagi

What did you think?

I literally cannot get enough of this series. Things are starting to make sense now too which is nice, although there appears to be so much more to this world than we’ve been shown so far. The first couple of episodes were showing us two timelines woven together. Usually, I’m not a huge fan of too many flashbacks but done this way was actually quite refreshing. It helped that the show has more than enough to hook you in any way.

There’s still loads we don’t know and the animation sequence in the OP shows a crazy world. At one point, Bisco and Jabi were eating soup under the burnt remains of a giant hand and no one mentioned it. Crazy, but it makes sense if it’s not something unusual to them. I hate when characters explain stuff to the audience when it’s perfectly normal to them. It would be like me telling passersby how a door works.

And then we have Pawoo. Why did no one tell me about her? Characters like Pawoo automatically activate my must-watch mindset. She is an absolute badass and I’m loving it. There was one point where she commented on Bisco fighting solo again as if she’s met him before or maybe fought him before. Either way, this episode ended with the two ready to fight and I’m just going to dive straight into the next episode. I’m not waiting!

Sabikui Bisco Episode 2 Pawoo Nekoyanagi arrives for duty

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