Sakamoto Days (Volume 2) – Hard-Boiled

Sakamoto Days Volume 2 Cover

Tarou Sakamoto took his family to the amusement park and just wanted to have a good time, however, assassins keep popping up everywhere forcing Shin and Lu to take them out without Sakamoto’s wife noticing!

Sakamoto Days (Volume 2) – Hard-Boiled

What happened?

One such assassin attacks while they’re all on a rollercoaster. Shin jumps out of his seat and fights him on the tracks. This guy isn’t giving off any signals as to his next move, making Shin’s mind-reading ability useless. Another rollercoaster shoots by, forcing Shin to jump. When he does, the assassin throws a couple of poisoned blades at him. One makes contact. It’s fast-acting and soon makes it impossible for him to see. When another rollercoaster comes flying along the tracks, Shin jumps onboard and grabs the assassin. He holds on and then leaps into the air, dragging him to the ground, far below.

When the assassin climbs to his feet, Shin is wearing a mascot costume and they are fighting on a stage in front of families and children. Luckily, Sakamoto is there and able to give Shin step-by-step instructions using his mind. He quickly defeats him and then gets some information about who put the bounty on their heads. Then, they try to return to the day of fun, but another pair of assassins attack while they’re in the haunted house, and Shin’s powers aren’t working thanks to the antidote to the poison.

Sakamoto finds himself in a battle to save his family, which makes him take it incredibly seriously. He quickly loses weight and then pounds Hard-Boiled until he gives up. However, Sakamoto’s wife overhears them talking about the bounty and lays down the law. Now, Sakamoto will need to clear the bounty or face the wrath of his wife.

Sakamoto Days Volume 2 Sakamoto defeated Mr Boiled

What did you think?

This volume wasn’t quite as funny as the first. I think the shock factor of the former assassin who looks to be overweight and out of shape but is actually still a lethal weapon helped to lift volume one. Now, I’m not saying this wasn’t hilarious. It absolutely was and I like that there appears to be an actual story forming. It just wasn’t as funny. Regardless, I would recommend this to anyone that enjoys a good laugh. The scenarios are wonderful and it has some great lean-in moments.

I love the family that Sakamoto has built around him with Shin and Lu, a mind-reading former assassin and a former triad. They have a great dynamic between them and constantly get chances to show off what they are capable of. Of course, it’s when Sakamoto steps up that things get a little crazy. I love the way his weight fluctuates as he burns through so many calories in a fight and then piles it all back on later.

The other thing I really liked was the information brokers that delivered all their info in the form of movies on VHS cassettes. There’s always one video rental store around despite the prevalence of streaming services. What if that is what they are really doing? Surely, no one is still using VHS!

Sakamoto Days Volume 2 The VHS information shop

Volume highlights

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