Sankarea: Undying Love (Episode 12) – At That Moment… I…

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Chihiro is feeling the pressure now that he’s officially watching over Rea. She wants to do normal things, but that makes Chihiro uncomfortable. Maybe a fireworks display will calm his nerves?

Sankarea: Undying Love (Episode 12) – At That Moment… I…

What happened?

Ever since Danichio left Rea in his care, Chihiro has felt the burden of that task more than ever. Maybe the fact that if he screws up Danichiro will be waiting for him is too much extra pressure. Meanwhile, Rea just wants to do stuff that a normal girl would do. She even told Mero that she was jealous that Mero gets to go to school.

Chihiro realises that he can’t keep her locked away or he’d be no better than her father. Well, minus all the inappropriate stuff! During a night walk, Rea sees a sign for the local fireworks display and wants to go. Chihiro has never been before but agrees to take her. The next day rain fills the sky and causes the display to be cancelled. Rea makes Chihiro promise to take her if she’s still around in a year’s time.

Ranko caught up with Chihiro on the way to school the next morning and tells him that they should put on their own festival, complete with fireworks and yukatas. Mero is keen to join them and Rea is delighted until she learns that Ranko is coming.

However, Ranko is also bringing a yukata for Rea and even helps her put it on. They have a bit of a heart-to-heart about Chihiro in which Ranko confesses that she loves him. Rea is not quite so open about her feelings, but Ranko can tell. She makes Rea promise not to give up and let Chihiro decide.

Rea decides that she is going to go back to school and returns home for her things. Aria is not too happy to see her, but she hasn’t expelled her from Sanka Academy. Chihiro and Rea walk home via the abandoned hotel where Rea loses control and bites his lips, drawing blood!

Sankarea Episode 12 Rea and Ranko yukatas

What did you think?

I’m often surprised by how much time anime allows for reflection at the end of a series. In this instance, it was an entire episode dedicated to wrapping up some of the finer points and setting up things for the future. It’s likely a future that will not include another anime series, although never say never. I enjoyed Ranko and Rea’s conversation, especially when Ranko slapped Rea’s bum and we got a Rea meep face! Good times!

I also liked the ending where Rea lost it again and bit Chihiro’s lip. Call me a crazy zombie nerd, but I kind of wanted it to end with her biting him properly. If it had resulted in a zombie apocalypse, all the better. At least I have the manga to get on with now (once I rewatch the OVA). All in all, my opinion of the show has changed. I loved some moments and hated others (mostly centred around Chihiro). I definitely had a better appreciation of the slower nature of things and the wonderful backgrounds. This series has an oddly calm effect on me.

Sankarea Episode 12 Rea blood

Episode highlights

It’s Real Now!

Making Plans!

Fireworks and Yukatas!

What’s Next?

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