Semelparous (Volume 1) – Yuri Love is a Battlefield

Semelparous Volume 1 Cover

The world is under attack by creatures from a parallel world. The only thing standing in their way is the Bulwarks who patrol the Innerspace between worlds and stop their advances. If only it was as simple as it sounds!

Semelparous (Volume 1) – Yuri Love is a Battlefield

What happened?

Yorino is the daughter of a legendary Bullwark captain who died in battle defending the Innerspace. She made her partner promise to foster Yorino, but tell no one of her origins. Several years later, Yorino was entering elementary school with her best friend Haruka where they would learn to become Bulwarks. Only those that have inherited their Aegis can become Bulwarks, but not everyone makes it. Originally, it was Haruka that showed the most promise, but Yorino soon caught up. By the time they entered the ninth grade, they were both infamous for their ruthless abilities.

Then on a school trip to the Innerspace, they were attacked by a Kaiju. It killed everyone in the class but for Yorino who was saved by Haruka, who sacrificed herself for her. A Bulwark showed up and slayed the Kaiju, but it was too late for Yorino’s classmates. After the incident, Yorino doubled down on her training and passed with flying colours. She was quickly assigned a team and partnered with the Bulwark that saved her years ago. Kaminoi took Yorino under her wing and asked her if she was coming to hell with her!

Semelparous Volume 1 Kaminoi saved Yorino

What did you think?

Oh my god! This was fantastic. I couldn’t put it down for even a couple of minutes. There are some obvious comparisons with Attack on Titan, but you don’t even need to worry about stuff like that. This book holds its own. At times, I was worried that it was going a little too fast as we breezed through Yorino’s childhood and then into her career as a Bulwark, but when I got to the end of the volume it all made perfect sense and more.

The Kaiju coming from a parallel world are biomechs powered by humans. Usually, the Innerspace protects people from being too close to their counter in the other world. However, if a human dies in the Innerspace, their counter dies in the other world. So, every time a Bulwark kills a Kaiju a human in their world dies too. Yorino quickly works this out and then discovers that Kaminoi found out when her little sister died at the same time she killed a Kaiju. These are some wonderfully terrible stakes. I can’t wait to see how this goes.

On top of that, there is most definitely a yuri subplot going on as Kaminoi seems to have her eyes set on Yorino. This is great news for all yuri fans. I also have some theories based on what I’ve read so far. My guess is that Yorino’s alternate had already died in the parallel world which means she now possesses a whole Astral Body. This is usually shared between counters and that explains why when one dies, they both die. Obviously, this could get really dark if Kaminoi’s alternate comes through as a Kaiju.

Semelparous Volume 1 Kaminoi and Yorino transferring power before a battle

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