Semelparous (Volume 3) – We Finish Together

Semelparous Volume 3 Cover

Now that Yorino has been outed as a pureblood Mure, the enemy has decided to make its move. How will Kaminoi and Yorino react when their lives are truly threatened?

Semelparous (Volume 3) – We Finish Together

What happened?

Kaminoi and Yorino team up with another pair, Tobari and Kaori to attempt to stop the human-type Kaiju and save any Bulwarks still living. They come through just as Manabe is about to be killed. Rina was also hurt, but is still fighting. Kaminoi tells Tobari to get Manabe out of there. She can still be saved. Kaori and Kaminoi lead the attack on the human-type Kaiju while Yorino and Rina hold for an opening. However, before they can get near, a sword bursts through Yorino’s chest. Tobari gleefully mocked Yorino for leaving herself open.

Rina saved Yorino from Tobari’s next attack which was frustrating as she had already revealed herself to be a spy. Kaminoi held off the human-type Kaiju while Rina got away with Yorino. Tobari decided against following since she’d already landed a killer blow and they couldn’t open any more portals immediately. Amazingly, Yorino’s Mure powers awakened and she was able to heal herself. With Yorino and Rina’s help, Kaminoi killed the human-type Kaiju.

After almost losing Yorino, Kaminoi jumped on her kissing her like it was her last chance. Realising what she did, Kaminoi apologised, but there was no need – Yorino was ready! After having a lot of sex, they went to see Yorino’s mother who turned out to be her mother, but not her birth mother. Mure are able to procreate by using the Aegis of another which occurs when they are in love. Knowing that Yorino was a pureblood, Kaminoi took her to the Innerspace so that she could test her abilities. However, Tobari attacked once more and this time she had Kaminoi’s counter as a human-type Kaiju!

Semelparous Volume 3 Kaminoi and her counter stab each other

What did you think?

Well, things got pretty hot in this volume. There was a lot of girl-on-girl sex… A lot! And it was great! There’s no point mincing my words here, this volume was practically a hentai. It was obvious from the cover, which was my concern I mentioned in the last post. I’m not worried that it was incredibly lewd just that the cover style changed so much that if anyone, such as a book store worker saw you placing this volume on the counter, it would be fairly awkward… The next volume is coming by mail!

Anyhow, the moment that Kaminoi saw her counter she knew that her time was up. I do wonder if it really is up as I feel like all the sex and the revelation that a Mure can breed using Aegis is meant to open up some other possibilities. Of course, Tobari then attacked with two hundred Kaiju! There’s a good chance everything is going to go wrong. If it doesn’t, it’s going to be an epic battle. I can’t wait.

I do have a question about how the spies were able to move between worlds. It looked like they were using portals which makes me wonder why they haven’t just sent a human-type Kaiju through a portal to Yorino’s world. I was wondering if they were based on this world, but they created a Kaiju from Manabe and that must have happened in the other world otherwise they didn’t need to attack in the Innerspace. I have lots of questions, but I can say with absolute certainty that this series is hot as hell and I love it.

Semelparous Volume 3 Tobari begins the festival of two hundred Kaiju

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