Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 6) – Sunrise -Rooster-

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New Orleans looks like it’s seen better days, but then all the younger people fled when the D2s attacked. Anna and Destiny get supplies while Takt stumbles upon an underground jazz bar and puts on an impromptu performance.

Takt Op. Destiny (Episode 6) – Sunrise -Rooster-

What happened?

On the way into New Orleans, Anna commented about how quiet it seemed and noted that the further west they go, the more rundown the cities will become. Luckily, Destiny confirms that there are no D2s in the area. She then mocks Takt, showing that she has developed something resembling a sense of humour. They park up and go looking for supplies, leaving Takt to sit in the car.

At the shop, they end up helping the owner with a delivery. Then, they fix the porch of the lady that they delivered the groceries to. They also help a woman get her cat off a rooftop and were then mistaken for someone’s daughter. Of course, her daughter had died when the D2s attacked and now believes that anyone young is her daughter.

Meanwhile, Takt finds an underground jazz bar, listens to a recording of his father’s music, gets caught up in the enthusiasm of the place and reveals he is the son of the legendary composer. Luckily, they have a piano set up in a soundproof room and allow Takt to put on a performance. Anna and Destiny find him there and catch the end of the show. Everyone seems a little bit happier and ready to hit the road once more.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 6 Takt playing piano in an underground bar

What did you think?

So, Hell was there at the Boston Tragedy and was one of the Musicarts that saved Takt. She also reported back to Sagan via his Musicart, Heaven. Other than that, there was no development of the story. Let me preface what I’m about to say by stating that I don’t really care for slice of life anime. I can tolerate it if there’s something more to it like it’s set in a fantasy world. This episode was boring. So far, I have enjoyed each episode less than the previous one and the run has continued all the way to episode six.

It was nice to actually see that things are starting to look a little more post-apocalyptic, however, these old people still have shops and cafes, are able to make fancy cakes, and there appears to be no supply chain issues. This is one of the most poorly thought out post-apocalyptic settings I’ve seen in any medium, and I am all over them. Can we go back to the pointless battles with no stakes and mindless D2s?

Takt Op Destiny Episode 6 Destiny and Anna

What have you learnt?

As far as the story goes, we learnt pretty much nothing and once again finished the episode by making absolutely no progress. Sure, they made it to New Orleans and have now left, but that could have been a footnote for all the interest it held. I’m a big fan of the post-apocalyptic genre and this does not fit into it one bit. Even if we just look at Takt, Destiny, and Anna for a moment. Their clothes are clean and there isn’t a missed stitch. Anna’s jeans are ripped, but I think that was a fashion choice.

It makes the entire idea that this is somehow a world recovering from an alien invasion somewhat bonkers. I’m starting to believe there wasn’t an invasion. This brings up something that’s been bugging me about the D2s for a few episodes. They just appear to be mindless creatures who charge at music and since the first episode, they haven’t really been that threatening. The more I think about it the more this series starts to unravel.

Takt Op Destiny Episode 6 Takt and Anna

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  1. Somehow I feel like my need to lower my expectations are right in this case. This is another filler episode even though there was a needed case for Takt fulfilling his wish to play the piano again since this series is still about music stuff and all. Yeah, now that I think about it, I don’t think music stuff applies in fighting styles for I only just remember Conductors just waving at any direction without the sound of music (no to whoever is reading this, BGM soundtrack doesn’t include here) or they just stay still like Schindler did in previous episode.

    But somehow I got wrong in my prediction: there will be 4 antagonists in this series. At the end of this episode, Sagan’s words kind of give you the eerie feeling of a scary future where he, as an authoritative figure, believing his decisions are for the good of humanity’s survival make end up backfiring him for he might be Playing God alongside Schindler even if I know he won’t like how Schindler’s ways of saving humanity is twisted despite his words saying Takt is needed to join him sound the same like Schindler’s.

    To make it simpler, Sagan may become like the Pharaoh (in the Bible) who enslaved non-Egyptians and yet he still see his decisions in doing so are right thing to do because he believed by doing so are helping the economy & national security of his country when in actuality, it’s an obvious sin.

    So him getting Takt on his side sounds foreboding if you ask me because he believed having Takt will save humanity from D2 even though the high possibility of Takt getting killed in action or have his freedom stripped away or both. Still, I can only say that this series is only recommended for viewers who are classical music enthusiasts. As for the storytelling, it’s quite bumpy for the important info seems unorganized & lack flavor in remembering for a long time.

    • Yeah, best to lower those expectations as far as they go unfortunately.

      They attempt to claim that the battles are like music but as you say, it’s just the conductors waving their sticks to direct a single musicart. It makes no sense logically.

      We’re yet to know for sure, but I feel that Sagan is going to be the final boss and is probably responsible for the D2s or some aspect of it. It said early how the scientists were trying to work out how to use amber meteorites so it makes sense that someone was doing the same with the black.

      This series is just such a mess that I can’t quite tell what it really is. We have magical girls, it’s supposed to be post-apocalyptic although that’s a stretch, now it might be dystopian, there’s battles which might look flash, but have no substance or stakes, and after all that it feels like a slice of life story. The venn diagram for people that would enjoy this show must be incredible small.

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