The Eminence in Shadow (Analysis) – How Much Does Cid Know?

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It’s just an isekai. Surely, there’s nothing more to it than what we see on the screen! Are you sure about that? I don’t think so and in this post, I’m going to look at how much Cid knows.

The Eminence in Shadow (Analysis) – How Much Does Cid Know?

When we first meet Cid, it’s in the real world and from the perspective of Akane Nishino. She hates him because he seems to blend into the background. He can’t remember her name and never makes eye contact with her. The most notable thing from this segment was that she called him Kagenou-kun. I bring this up because when he is reborn into the new world after dying in a car accident while trying to attain magical powers his new family uses the name Kagenou. That can’t be a coincidence!

The only times I’ve seen a character using their real-world name in an isekai is if they were transported there fully formed. Anyone born into a new world generally has a new name and identity. Their memories are intact and that’s what gives them the edge, but not their names. There’s no purpose to it so this feels like an intentional detail. Of course, you might not think much of a detail like that, but it’s not an isolated incident.

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 2 Cid Kageno born into a new world

After healing Alpha’s possession, he then tells her about the Cult of Diablos and how Diablos cursed the heroes when it was defeated. Their descendants have carried that curse until it manifests as a possession. He’s basing this off a well-known fairytale in this world which isn’t that much of a stretch since a lot of fairytales have some basis in reality. This being a fantasy world, it makes sense that more of the fairytale could be real. Then, he twists things and claims that someone has revised history to make the curse a possession. Someone that might want to collect those that have been possessed for some nefarious reason.

Then, after Alpha has committed herself to his cause, he reveals to the audience that he made the whole thing up and that they’ll probably end up fighting against government leaders and organisations. That leads Alpha to decide to gather other hero descendants so that they can fight back. Basically, Cid has invented a secret organisation that works in the shadows manipulating the world around them. It fits with the ideas that he probably picked up back in his world with conspiracy theories and the like, so it makes sense that his story construct borrows a lot of those elements.

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 2 Cid Kageno invents the Cult of Diablos

Of course, the big surprise comes when they end up face-to-face with someone from the Cult of Diablos… Cid’s sister was kidnapped so he got Alpha and the other girls to help him find her. While trying to locate the base that they have her at, Cid throws a knife at the map, indicating where he thinks she’ll be. He misses the target he was going for but Beta is stunned. She couldn’t believe she missed that detail. So, Cid got the correct location by mistake. Could be another coincidence. Couldn’t it?

Maybe, but then they go to rescue her. Alpha and the other girls go in one way and find Viscount Grease, the officer of the Cult of Diablos and reveal what they know. He’s stunned. That’s all top secret. No one should have access to that information. So, Cid was correct when he made up the story. Grease uses some magic enhancers and escapes. However, Alpha isn’t worried as he’s heading straight to where Cid is waiting. Ironically here, Cid got lost and stumbles upon Grease completely by chance.

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 2 Delta Alpha Eta and Gamma

Events like this continue to happen over and over again throughout the first season which leads me to believe that there is more to it that we are seeing. There is a possibility that he is manifesting this world as he goes. Basically, whatever he says ends up being true because he is subconsciously controlling everything. Another theory states that it’s a dream that he’s experiencing as he dies in the real world. It certainly seems to constantly go his way. Both are interesting ideas, however, I’m more inclined to see Cid as a puppet for someone else.

I think someone is making things happen to allow Cid to follow a certain path. Initially, I was starting to wonder if Alpha was behind the Cult and had made it to continue the game they played as children. It’s also possible, but after the scene with Aurora, the Witch of Calamity, I feel like it’s something much grander. It hinted that she was Diablos and I’m wondering if everything that’s happening is a way for Diablos to return. Could Cid ultimately cause the thing that he’s trying to stop happening to happen, even though he made the whole thing up? It’s possible and that’s what makes this series so fascinating. You’ve got to pay attention to everything.

The Eminence In Shadow Episode 12 Aurora and Cid Kageno

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