The Eminence in Shadow (Volume 9) – He Who Destroys All and Rebuilds it Anew!

The Eminence in Shadow Volume 9 Cover

Yukime has invited Shadow to talk. Mitsugoshi and the MCA are fighting over the economy and she wants to be there to clean up when they’re done. Shadow has an idea that will speed up the process which will need a new identity!

The Eminence in Shadow (Volume 9) – He Who Destroys All and Rebuilds it Anew!

What happened?

Cid had no idea just how big Mitsugoshi had become. Knowing that he could see why the other merchants wouldn’t like it. Of course, he didn’t want to destroy Mitsugoshi, but he also saw that it was going to be a constant problem in the future. He resolved to help Yukime with her plan and suggested that they destabilise the economy by devaluing the value of the paper banknotes that both merchant groups had put into circulation. Yukime was amazed by his idea and resolved not to get on his wrong side. Of course, since he would be going up against Mitsugoshi and subsequently, the girls of Shadow Garden, he needed a new alias. For this mission, he would be John Smith. He’d also need a new look and he’d have to use a different weapon.

The fight between the MCA and Mitsugoshi intensified with both sides determined to eradicate the other, although, for Mitsugoishi, that just meant taking care of the assassins and bandits the MCA sent their way. By the time, John Smith and Yukime had flooded the market with counterfeit banknotes, neither side was prepared for it. Alpha sent some girls to take care of the supply chain, but they were handily despatched by John Smith and sent back with a warning. Next, she sent Delta to take care of things, but she instantly recognised Cid who had to send her on a secret mission so that his cover wouldn’t be blown. However, the girls assumed the worst so Alpha went after John Smith.

What did you think?

This was one of my least favourite arcs in the anime, however, in the manga, I found that it wasn’t as jarring. Maybe, it was just because I knew what was coming and how it all ended. Still, seeing Cid/Shadow/John Smith going against Shadow Garden and the impact that had on Alpha and the others is still hard to stomach. Of course, we got a little more explanation behind what he was thinking, but that didn’t paint him in a more favourable light. His motives are still driven by looking cool and doing the unexpected. That’s fine. He’s a complex character who is sometimes likeable and sometimes not. He does have some catchy catchphrase though!

It’s always nice to see Delta as she’s one of my favourites in the series, but the short amount of time we got to spend with her in this volume was nowhere near enough. The anime definitely fleshed out those moments… if you know what I mean… Also, seeing Gamma fight was hilarious, but I still love Nu. She’s a much more serious character and someone who I think Shadow can depend on to get the job done, even if she is a little unhinged. We also saw the point where Cid gave Beta a piece of paper that he’d been scribbling on and told her that when she can decipher it he’ll explain everything. I love where that leads because it more or less proves that Cid has no control over what’s going on, but someone is most definitely pulling the strings.

The Eminence in Shadow Volume 9 Delta attacks John Smith

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Series Information

English TitleThe Eminence in Shadow
Japanese TitleKage no Jitsuryokusha ni Naritakute!
AuthorDaisuke Aizawa
ArtistAnri Sakano
GenresAction, Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai, Magic


Season One
SeasonSeason One
ReleasedFall 2022
Animation StudiosNexus
Bonus Posts
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ListsFive Best Fights
Season Two
SeasonSeason Two
ReleasedFall 2023
Animation StudiosNexus
21The Lawless City
22The Haven
23The Hour of Awakening
24The Mask of Falsehood
25He Who Pulls the Strings
26John Smith
27Something Precious
28The Dragon’s Tears
29The Key
30Caged Bird


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9He Who Destroys All and Rebuilds it Anew!

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