The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 12) – The Duo’s Journey

The Executioner and her Way of Life Title

Menou and Ashuna attempt to stop Pandaemonium until the fog recaptures her, but that is easier said than done, especially when she splits her body and attacks the town too! Maybe, Akari has the solution?

The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 12) – The Duo’s Journey

What happened?

The fog is already coming for Pandaemonium which means they just need to delay her long enough that it takes her back. Ashuna relishes the chance to unleash her full power and slashes at the giant centipedal body of Pandaemonium. This does smash her to pieces. However, those pieces then run off and attack the town and the townsfolk. Ashuna runs to protect the town leaving Menou to face Pandaemonium alone. Before long Menou is in big trouble, but she’s saved by Ashuna’s flaming sword.

It’s an incredibly powerful weapon, but it drains ether quickly. What Menou would give to get her trusty dagger back? Akari, having finished her discussion with one of the Pandaemoniums rushes to help Menou. She doesn’t care if Menou gets mad at her, she needs to do what she can to protect her. Amazingly, Akari manages to pause time, Pandaemonium included and wind it back so that she can get there in time.

Akari offers Menou her ether which she uses to power up Ashuna’s sword. With it at full power, they attack, slicing Pandaemonium in two. They won, but that wasn’t Pandaemonium at her full strength. It would be chaos if she ever fully escaped. Part of her did and has revived Manon. Before the other Pandaemonium died, she told Menou that the Sword of Salt can kill a Pure Concept, so that is where they are headed next!

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 12 Menou and Akari new journey

What did you think?

The final battle with Pandaemonium was a lot of fun and had some fairly tense moments. That was a great way to end this arc and prepare us for more, and more there surely is. I saw that because there are so many unanswered questions that this anime absolutely needs a second season. It would be criminal to end it here, although I have seen it done before.

The most notable thing to come from this episode was the fact that Flare seems to be behind everything. She’s aware of Akari’s ability to rewind time. That leads me to believe that she’s the one allowing things to happen as Pandaemonium hinted at in the previous episode. The big question is why? Flare seems to want to allow the Four Human Errors to run wild once more. Does this have anything with going to Japan? I feel like there should be a reason for that revelation.

Another thing to keep in mind was that Manon was revived by Pandaemonium and she may or may not be her sister. It certainly hinted at that being the case and that would possibly explain how Manon’s mother was summoned there when no one knows how she did it. Pandaemonium seems like the most likely culprit. And finally, as Menou struggles with what she must do to Akari, Momo seems to be ready to step up. I’m certain she’s aware of what Akari said to her while she was recovering and is on her way to becoming a villain.

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 12 Ashuna and Menou

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