The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 3) – Taboo in [Red]

The Executioner and her Way of Life Title

A terrorist group try to take over the train to capture Princess Ashuna, however, they hadn’t counted on an Executioner being there. When their mission appears to have failed, they invoke a terrible power!

The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 3) – Taboo in [Red]

What happened?

Not long into their trip to Garm, a group of terrorists take over the train. Several go after Princess Ashuna while the others subdue the passengers, making sure there’s no one else to worry about. They soon learn how underprepared they are. Akari tried to protect Menou when one of the terrorists demanded she stripped to prove she didn’t have any weapons. However, Menou quickly took care of them.

Momo contacted Menou and told her how many terrorists there were and what their target was. It was the worst luck imaginable. As she advanced through the train, she discovered that Ashuna had already defeated all the terrorists and was now arguing/fighting with Momo on top of the train. One of the terrorists revealed that they weren’t done as a red glow appeared in their chests.

All of the terrorists were consumed from within by glowing red orbs. They then gathered in the engine room and formed Red Knight. Menou wasn’t too worried until it damaged the ether tanker and sent the train out of control. There was a strange feeling that hit Menou, Ashuna, and Momo. Just then, Akari arrived in the engine room and helped/hindered Menou. Menou managed to defeat the Red Knight, but used too much power to stop the train. She would need to borrow Akari’s power, but that was illegal.

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 3 Menou borrowing Akari Tokitous ether

What did you think?

This was probably my favourite episode so far. The battle on the top of the train was great and showed just how strong and crazy both Ashuna and Momo are. That was some great mindless entertainment. However, this wasn’t the only thing to take note of. Akari told Menou that she didn’t want to be left alone again when she went to fight the terrorists. I’m sure this is from her life in Japan where she has no doubt been abandoned at some point. This seems like an interesting way to get Menou to ask her about it and learn more.

Of course, that wasn’t the moment that really made me take notice. There was that weird flash of energy that Menou, Ashuna, and Momo all felt. It made out that it was Akari. However, Akari doesn’t know what her power is or understands how it really works, so she wouldn’t have done it consciously. Just like in the last episode, her power manifested when she died, turning back time.

Menou seemed to have an idea as to what happened. Had she died? Did the train crash because of the reactor and did everyone die? If that’s the case then Akari’s power might have turned back time to that point. My concern here is why it chose that point and my guess would be that it probably wasn’t the first point it tried. What if it had kept turning back time over and over again until it found a situation that didn’t end badly? It might be too late to stop Akari, even with all the power in Garm!

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 3 Princess Ashuna ready to fight

Episode Highlights

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