The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 9) – At The Evening Ball

The Executioner and her Way of Life Title

Menou attempts to search the castle while Manon Libelle hosts a ball. Momo enters another of their facilities and finds all the evidence they need. Meanwhile, Akari is concerned that things are changing!

The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Episode 9) – At The Evening Ball

What happened?

Menou quickly got annoyed at Akari who seemed determined to talk to everyone at the ball. So much for keeping a low profile! After a while, Menou told Akari to stay put while she looked around. However, she hadn’t gone far when someone found her. Ashuna was surprised to find someone else snooping around and with such exceptional skills. She demanded that Menou show her face, but when she turned around her face was obscured.

Momo found her way into the Fourth’s base of operations, taking out several guards and finding the room where the Monstrine was produced. An iron maiden stood at the centre of the space. Inside, she found a child who was being used to produce the drug. When she tried to free her it set off an explosion, killing the girl and striking Momo with a poisoned dart.

Akari was starting to get concerned. So much so that her main consciousness took over. There had been too many differences from the past realities. The event inside the Pandemonium, being attacked at the market, a pillar of fire in the garden, and now Manon Libelle was talking to her. To make matters worse, Manon knew who she was and seemed to be aware of her powers.

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 9 Akari meets Manon Libelle

What did you think?

Oooo! Now, that was good. Ironically, the fight between Menou and Ashuna is not what I’m talking about, although that was fun. No, I’m talking about the reappearance of the real Akari. I loved how she took control once more and was concerned about the changes to the timeline. That moment that Manon revealed that she knew everything was amazing and the fact that her mother was likely a Lost One too was great.

I’ve enjoyed the fun and ditzy Akari, but this is how I think she’s best used. We also got to see more of her powers and as you might expect with the ability to manipulate time, she can do anything she wants. However, I’m curious as to how Manon is aware of her and also what has caused the timeline to change so much. I’d imagine that it’s all been little things to this point, so this is significant.

After the last episode, I was itching for a good fight, but time travel intrigue is just as exciting in my book, especially when done like this. It gives us just enough to know that something is going on, but holds back enough that we absolutely need to see what happens next. So, I’m off to watch the next one…

The Executioner and her Way of Life Episode 9 Akari tracks down Manon Libelle

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