The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Volume 2) – Played for Fools

The Executioner and Her Way of Life Volume 2 Cover

When the terrorists on the train invoke illegal magic at the expense of their lives, they put everyone on the train in danger. Menou is left with only one option and that requires the absolute trust of Akari!

The Executioner and Her Way of Life (Volume 2) – Played for Fools

What happened?

The terrorist used a primary red stone to turn themselves into a Red Knight. It contained the strength of sixteen ordinary people and was hellbent on destroying Menou. In its attempts it smashed the controls of the train, making it impossible to stop. If Menou didn’t act now, the train would crash, killing everyone on board. She desperately needed Momo’s help, but she was busy fighting Princess Ashuna. There was a moment that struck all three of them. It was a weird feeling that none could explain.

Seconds later, Akari walked into the engine room and found Menou fighting the Red Knight. She kept Akari close and then used her magic to enter the Red Knight and force it to self-destruct. That worked, but it didn’t stop the train. For that, she would need Akari’s help. They climbed onto the roof of the train and held hands. Menou needed to borrow the endless power that Akari’s pure concept contained. Amazingly, they stopped the train with only inches to spare.

After continuing their journey, they arrived at Garm where the Archbishop greeted them. The ceremony to send Akari back wasn’t ready, but there was something she would like Menou to investigate. Akari, however, was determined to sightsee and convinced Menou to join her. As a result, she asked Momo to investigate the missing girls. While investigating, she bumped into Princess Ashuna who was also investigating wrong-doings. They found a summoning chamber beneath the city connected to the palace and the church. They had been set up!

The Executioner and Her Way of Life Volume 2 Ashuna and Momo work out whos behind it

What did you think?

This volume picked up immediately where the first one ended and gave us a tiny glimpse that something unknown is happening. Of course, for anyone that’s seen the anime, we know and I’m sure it’ll be confirmed in the next volume. I liked the flashbacks in the manga better because I felt that they gave us more information. It might just be that because I know some of it, I was able to sort out what was important and what was just there to develop the world.

We found out that Menou is a blank vessel, ideal for channelling Otherworlder’s powers because of what happened to her when she was a child. It also mentioned that one experiment the church did was responsible for the incident that left Menou that way. However, it kind of hints that she was a part of that experiment, to begin with. After seeing the anime and reading this far into the manga, I’m still convinced that Menou is from Japan too. It will definitely be interesting for her to find that out when she’s sworn to kill all Otherworlders. This is a fascinating series that keeps you guessing.

The Executioner and Her Way of Life Volume 2 Flare teahing Menou

Volume highlights

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