The Kingdoms of Ruin (Episode 3) – A Gentle Death

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Adonis just saw Doroka killed in front of him, and after she told him they could revive Chloe. Well, if he wasn’t mad before(he was), he’s definitely pissed off now! Why have you got to poke the bear?

The Kingdoms of Ruin (Episode 3) – A Gentle Death

What happened?

Adonis was about to end his bloody rampage when he heard that some witches had survived and they could revive Chloe. All they needed was his memories of her. Doroka was going to take him there so that they could complete the process, but she was killed before his eyes. Adonis turned to face the soldiers responsible and resolved to wipe out every single one of them. He used his magic to stop the bullets and send them back where they had come from. Eekhout, the cyborg responsible for shooting Doroka first tried to take out Adonis, however, his bullet was stopped and returned with interest as Adonis increased its size and mass. Eekhout didn’t stand a chance!

Meanwhile, Yuki arrived at the National Science Agency in the hopes of using the Magic Photon Suppression Device, the one that they used to defeat the witches in the first place. However, it was revealed that the device is responsible for the sickness of thousands of soldiers who were exposed to it. It’s also the reason the Emperor is sick. Now, without the witches to maintain the natural order in the world, the effects would be far worse. Yuki didn’t care, she needed to help her brother. She activated it briefly, giving the soldiers the chance to shoot Adonis’ magic quill out of his hand. The device was deactivated shortly after, although Yuki and Director Theta were already exposed to its powers.

One soldier charged forward and beheaded Adonis before he had the chance to get his quill back. Humanity had won once more and now it was time to put these terrible things behind them. The Emperor was frustrated that he hadn’t killed Adonis when they had the chance rather than imprisoning him. Then, the National Intelligence Agency made a startling discovery. Adonis’ body was a fake!

What did you think?

So, this series just loves to leave you hanging at the end of every episode. This time, it was the revelation that Adonis was not dead… I know, shocking! Of course, he wasn’t dead and of course, the only female soldier we see in the entire episode, the one with blue hair, was a new recruit who managed to kill him in a cloud of debris from a building that toppled at the perfect time. I’m going to guess that she’s also a witch! I’m also going to go out on a limb here and suggest that Doroka isn’t dead either.

All of this said, it was a really tense episode and showed us just how horrid this world is. As if we hadn’t worked that out after the first episode. This is definitely a dystopian story which seems to be pitting the evil government against the environmentalists (witches). I am enjoying it and I’m glad I found a way to continue to review it, even if these are a little shorter.

What have you learned?

This is shaping up to be a fairly straightforward revenge series with lots of twists and turns. It’s also leaving us in a place where we need to watch the next episode to get an answer that will hopefully move us all the way through the story. That might sound like a criticism, and sometimes it is. However, in this instance, I think it works perfectly. It also feels like it’s going to continually try to one-up itself. We’ve seen three high-profile main characters die in three episodes, so I’m unsure as to how they can keep this going. Even if they come back, killing them again isn’t going to have the same impact. It was interesting to see the National Intelligence Agency Deputy Director Chief, Oz Gorgeous catch a high school girl looking at pictures of Adonis. He told her not to worry about it, but then as soon as she was gone, he called it in. I don’t think we’ve seen the full extent of just how corrupt this nation is.

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