The Promised Neverland (Episode 16) – Daiyonwa

The Promised Neverland Season Two Title

The kids settle into the bunker and make preparations to rescue Phil and the other children from Grace Fields. However, the demons haven’t given up on them just yet, especially not with a couple of perfect scores in there.

The Promised Neverland (Episode 16) – Daiyonwa

What happened?

The payphone played a recording from William Minerva, revealing that he is no more, having been branded a traitor to the farms. He tells them that they can live on in the shelter forever, or try to return to the human world. Of course, they plan on heading the human world, but not before they’ve rescued the others from the farm.

However, the demons haven’t given up on getting them back either. They even talk to Isabella, who is now in prison awaiting her punishment, about how they will get them back and whether she would like to see them again.

As the children settle in for another night in the bunker, there’s a loud explosion and one of the doors is blown off. Several humans with night gear enter the shelter and attempt to round up the children. They escape through the secret passageway and make a run for the forest, however, the other humans beat them to it and round up the children. But then, a giant demon emerges from the forest and eats their attackers. They manage to escape for now.

Meanwhile, the demons who were about to execute Isabella make her an offer. If she can capture the children, they will release her, from the farm. She seems almost excited to be going up against them again!

The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode 4 Ray and a Goowee Fish-bug thing

What did you think?

Well, once again, the cliffhanger ended up being nothing. Are we just not going to mention the disturbing scene in one of the bedrooms? Surely, we’d want to know a little more about how or why that happened. I still think the bunker is part of the process and when they entered the word ‘future’ into the pen, it activated an alarm that told them to harvest them now as they were unlikely to stay in the bunker for long.

The other humans was an interesting development, but then they also appeared to be incredibly stupid. Surely, they would be aware of the forest and the demons lurking within. Anyhow, this episode ended up being a bit of a disappointment. It felt a little rushed and disjointed. There have been some good moments, but so far, this season is nowhere near as good as the first.

The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode 4 Ray and Emma running from demon

What have you learned?

That said, the best development possible has arisen. Not only did we get to see Isabella once more, but now the demons have released her to hunt the children down. Back when I was predicting Isabella’s future, I put down the idea that she was working against the demons by producing high-quality children that would ensure she would get a chance to see the head demon and possibly kill him.

It did look like that wasn’t the case by the end of the season, but it also wasn’t completely ruled out. Well, it’s a possibility once more. Either way, we get to see more of one of the most sinister villains in anime. I thought she was fantastic in season one and now, I’m pinning my hopes for the season on her. Isabella for the win!

The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode 4 Isabella given a second chance

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