The Promised Neverland (Episode 17) – Daigowa

The Promised Neverland Season Two Title

It’s been one year since the children escaped from Grace Fields and life hasn’t gotten any easier. If they are discovered they will be eaten, but they too need to eat. Disguised as demons, they search for food!

The Promised Neverland (Episode 17) – Daigowa

What happened?

Emma, Ray, Don, and Gilda have been going into demon towns in search of food, but rarely come back with much to show for it. The kids have to be careful with their rations and while they talk a good game, it’s starting to show just how hungry and tired they are. Emma is even starting to second guess whether she made the right decision in freeing everyone.

Ray points out that he would be dead if she hadn’t. He doesn’t regret the decision and neither do any of the children. Tomorrow is another day. They will find food, they will find a way to survive. This time, Thoma and Lannion ask to come with them as they have a technique for catching the goowee creatures. After they manage to catch a bunch, they head into town to get more supplies.

Once there, Thoma and Lannion bump into a couple of demons who are actively searching for the missing children in hopes of saving their own child. Human meat is the only thing that will stop the degradation that has set in. The children ran for their lives and luckily those two demons were the only ones to notice.

Emma and Ray distract them while the others head back to their base. They think they’ve lost them, but then another group of demons surround them. The original two come back and are killed by the second group. However, one of the demons removes his mask… it’s Norman!

The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode 5 Emma Ray Don and Gilda disguised as demons

What did you think?

I’ve not read this far in the manga, but everyone that has seems to be saying it’s straying from the original story. Luckily, that doesn’t affect me, so I shall continue to view this knowing nothing of how the manga develops… So, this was an interesting episode as it showed us a little more of the struggle the demons are going through. That said, I can’t help but feel like this is getting a bit preachy. There is obviously a vegan undertone to the story and it’s becoming more and more intrusive.

Another thing that I found to be a little annoying was that they spent the first half of the episode showing us how hard the children have it. They’re hungry and barely have enough food to keep going. So, when Emma and Ray started running around the streets, jumping over buildings, and generally acting like ninjas, I couldn’t help but wonder where they got this energy from, nethermind the sudden super-human abilities…

The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode 5 Emma and Ray running

What have you learned?

The fact that Norman is still alive leads me to believe more and more that Isabella is involved in some secret plan to overthrow the demons. My first thought when I saw Don, Gilda, Thoma, and Lannion being followed was that it was Isabella, but that may or may not be true. Who knows? Guess we have to wait for another cliffhanger!

The way that this season is looking to make us sympathise with the demons feels a little forced. It’s strange because in season one, we had Isabella who was a fantastic villain because you could see why she was doing what she was doing. Somehow, it didn’t work for the demons in this episode, and the only reason I can think of is that it was too quick. One second we see them buying human meat, looking over their starving demon children, and then they’re chasing Emma and Ray.

This season hasn’t had the patience to develop the same level of intensity that season one did. It feels very much like a different show altogether.

The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode 5 Norman is alive

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  1. Too bad this season seems to be losing its flair. That IS a good question about the children’s energy! And intrusive veganism (intrusive anything-ism) would definitely be distracting.

    • Agreed. Anything that stands out from the story is unwelcome, whatever the message. It starts to feel like it’s preaching at you. It was always there even in season one, but it feels more prevalent now.

  2. I also don’t understand way they made the time skip? Because the last episode was kinda a cliffhanger. And that cuts away a lot of content even when they don’t follow the manga it would be nice to see how they react to stuff for the first time.

    • Absolutely. Seeing the kids work out how this world works outside of the farms would have been far more interesting. They went from nothing to having elaborate disguises and a place to live and we didn’t see any of that development.

      They really needed to slow things down. It probably should have been three or four seasons long.

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