The Promised Neverland (Episode 18) – Dairokuwa

The Promised Neverland Season Two Title

Norman is back and it would appear he has been to hell and back. He’s not the same as before, he’s hardened and calculating. Emma isn’t too happy with his plan, but will she be able to talk him out of this one?

The Promised Neverland (Episode 18) – Dairokuwa

What happened?

When Norman left Grace Fields, he was taken to another location where humans were being experimented on to enable them to breed a better and more successful human. After going through unmentionable things, Norman was able to escape with some of the other humans, thanks to another Minerva-like mystery person.

While there, he discovered a way to make the demons degenerate all at once. You see, demons change based on their diet. If they eat humans they become smarter and appear more human-like, if they eat horses, then they will look more like horses. Sounds pretty simple and should give some clues as to where this is going.

Basically, Norman wants to attack the demons and wipe them out, creating a safe world for all of the humans trapped here. It seems to get the nod from the surviving children, although Emma is a little unsure of the plan. Ray notices and brings it up while they are on watch later that night. They agree to meet up with Norman and talk about the plan, although Ray agrees with Norman, especially considering that if the demons can’t eat any more humans they will degenerate anyhow.

Emma and Ray visit Norman and get a chance to speak with his new friends, all of whom are dead set on killing all the demons. Emma is concerned about Sonju and Mujika and how there might be demons that won’t degenerate because they don’t eat humans and haven’t done so yet. Norman asks who they mean and is shocked to learn that the “Evil-blooded girl” is still alive.

The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode 6 Norman returns

What did you think?

In the first season, Emma’s optimism and hopes to save all the children seemed to be a roadblock, but it was admirable. Admittedly, she did change the plan when she realised it would be almost impossible. However, now we have Emma worrying about the demons who are trying to eat them. They’ve been farming humans and doing unspeakable things to them. I’m sorry, Emma, but this is too much. Even Ray knows it.

I’m surprised that they didn’t make the logical leap about Sonju and Mujika. If all demons degenerate when they don’t eat humans then what are two demons that look like humans eating? Sure, it might be demons that eat humans, or more likely it’s humans. This would have been far more surprising had they not shown Sonju lusting to eat human brains and Mujika featured on the title image on most sites. This is the least surprising revelation yet!

The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode 6 Emma and Ray

What have you learned?

Just like in poker, you need to keep your cards hidden until it’s time to reveal them. I really don’t know what’s going on with this series, but it’s been a bit of a mess compared to the first season. In this episode alone, almost nothing happened other than three distinct conversations that kind of went over similar things.

Imagine how much more shocking the reveal at the end of this episode would have been had one of the children disappeared when they were with Sonju and Mujika. They could have helped them search for the child and left us in a place where we believed that they were good demons. It would have made the scenes in the demon village more interesting as we see how the demons are struggling with their lives and how maybe, they’re not all evil.

Sadly, we don’t get to see that because we know Sonju is evil and wants to eat the descendants of the children. Mujika didn’t seem the slightest bit bothered by this revelation either so I can only assume that she is of a similar nature. I think they revealed too much too soon!

The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode 6 Norman shocked to learn Mujika is still alive

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    • I think sometimes, storytellers are too desperate to not be ambiguous or worry that the audience won’t connect the dots.

  1. For me this should have been an episode in season 3. The plot is just moving way too fast and I’m starting to not care about any of it. There was some really interesting information in this episode and an intriguing direction going forwards, but it’s all happening too quickly and too easily. When was the last time Emma and co actually put their heads together and solved a problem, without the answer being either just run away or someone jumping in to help them. I miss the season 1 dynamic so much.

    For me, season 2 should have been about exploring this world, stick to the forest and the bunker, following the kids as they struggle to survive and think up ways to overcome their immediate problems. Maybe we could get an arc in that experimental facility to see what happened to Norman, rather than just being told it!

    Then season 3 can be the reunion with Norman, and the debate on whether we want to commit genocide or not.

    I’m not looking forward to reviewing this season when it’s over.

    • I think you’re absolutely right. It hasn’t HD any of the tension or suspense that the first season had and it is down to pacing and them not having to overcome anything. So far, it’s just been a lot of happy accidents like the demon eating the military guys or Norman happening to find them.

      And then they’ve revealed too much. We didn’t need to know that Sonju wanted to eat them. Then, that would help cast doubt on the whole situation. As it is, we know what he is and that is all the demons are.

      It’s been a bit of a let down for sure.

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