The Promised Neverland (Episode 19) – Daishichiwa

The Promised Neverland Season Two Title

Emma and Ray try to convince Norman not to go ahead with his plan to kill all demons. He’s not overly happy about it, but he gives them five days to let them try to find Mujika and Sonju before going through with it.

The Promised Neverland (Episode 19) – Daishichiwa

What happened?

So, it turns out that Mujika’s blood has the power to remove the need for demons to eat humans to remain in their human form. It worked with a village, but once the demon nobility found out they killed and ate all of the villagers, thereby acquiring Mujika’s blood themselves. It was believed that Mujika had died in the process so Norman is quite surprised to find out that she still lives.

Regardless, he still plans to make the demons become extinct. Of course, Emma isn’t too happy about the idea and believes that Norman is trying to shoulder the burden once more, especially as she believes that he didn’t have to give himself up back at Grace Fields. Norman then reveals that the gateway to the human world that they are trying to get to has been destroyed. There is one left and it is in an underground facility beneath Grace Fields…

Reluctantly, Norman allows Emma and Ray five days to find Mujika before he puts his plan into motion. However, when asked by his new friends what he’s going to do, he tells them that he will continue with his plan and if they find Mujika and Sonju that will save him the trouble of finding them himself.

Emma and Ray return to the temple and tell the other children of the plan. Surprisingly, they all jump straight onto Emma’s new plan, except Gilda who is worried that Emma is taking on too much again. She then asks Gilda and Don to help them find Mujika and Sonju.

The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode 7 Emma and Ray meet with Norman

What did you think?

I am so completely frustrated with this season and this episode was the pinnacle for me. Emma’s belief that the demons will just stop eating humans is beyond ridiculous, and not just because we know that it wouldn’t happen thanks to the bizarre scene earlier in the season where we saw Sonju talking about how he’s excited to eat humans again. He doesn’t need to, but he wants to. That’s what this boils down to… and there it is again, another vegan calling card.

I also find it crazy how quickly the children switched their ideas towards saving all the demons and not killing them all. Have they forgotten about Connie and all the others before her? I wonder how they would react if one of the children was carried away by a couple of hungry demons and butchered? Nothing seems to make any sense any more other than Norman trying to create a world without demons to leave to his family before he dies. I can’t believe this is even the same series as the first season.

The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode 7 Norman and tortured demon

What have you learned?

As much fun as cliffhangers can be, please don’t use the same cliffhanger twice. That’s right, I’m talking about Norman being taken away by Isabella to be “adopted” and then taken into a room with a warm glow. It was the exact same scene from episode ten of season one and all we learnt this time was that someone said his name.

I don’t even know how to say how annoyed I am about this cliffhanger in a series that has already lost my support. The worst thing about this is that the first season was so good. Easily one of my favourite seasons of anime and this has been a pale imitation of that. Where is the pacing, the tension, the ingenuity? These kids haven’t had to solve any problems so far. It’s all just been handed to them.

I’m really tired of being told about stuff that happened somewhere else and at some other time by a bunch of people in poorly lit scenes. They show us Isabella coming back in episode four and that felt like it could be the saving grace of the season, but she’s still absent. There are four more episodes so hopefully, they can finish better.

The Promised Neverland Season Two Episode 7 Norman cliffhanger again

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  1. Good episode review. Yeah, perhaps the characters aren’t being realistic in thinking they need to save the demons. I also don’t like it when things that happen offstage are told rather than shown. SOMEtimes it’s okay, if it’s a small even that wasn’t too important, but not often.

    • Yeah, this was a lot of telling and not showing. If it’s important, we really need to see it.

    • The sad part is if all that happen was a season later and the one part of the Manga was in there. We would understand why Emma is against the plan.

    • I feel like they were in such a hurry to get through things that they left a lot of pivotal stuff out. I think I’m going to have to get back to reading the manga.

  2. It feels like so much has been compressed into these episodes.

    I’m enjoying seeing more of the world but I think escape/Minerva’s shelter + time with Sonju etc could have been a great 12 episodes instead of flying through/past them.

    • For sure. It feels like they’re in a rush to finish the story in this season when it really should have been given a couple more.

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