The Quintessential Quintuplets (Episode 19) – Begin the Offensive

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They passed their exams, but Nino went missing. Luckily, Futaro found her and brought her back to the celebration. To her surprise, Nino said something she never imagined she ever would say to Futaro!

What happened?

So, Nino confessed to Futaro that she loved him. They were on a motorbike at the time, but Futaro said nothing and acted as if she hadn’t said anything at all. Well, after some cakes with her sisters, Nino went into the kitchen to thank the manager for the free cakes but found only Futaro there. She helped him wash dishes and then left to go back to her table. However, she stopped and told him to forget what she said on the bike.

He had no idea what she was talking about. It was windy, he probably didn’t hear her. Nino told him to just forget it, but then moments later stormed back into the kitchen and told him she said she loved him. Futaro was stunned. Ichika, who overhead the whole thing was even more so.

The next day, Futaro bumped into Miku at the grocery store near his house, which was surprising as there are many stores closer to their house. Miku told him it was to enter a competition to win tickets to a hot spring that was near where her grandfather lived. Futaro also entered, hoping to win another prize that he could sell.

Futaro won the first prize and went to the hot springs with his family. Of course, the quintuplets showed up with their father, who was not too pleased that Futaro was there. Itsuki told Futaro that she needed to meet with him, but when he tried to find her, she kept avoiding him and then told him some odd things.

Finally, Futaro spoke with the real Itsuki who was concerned that her sisters had been acting odd of late and wanted his help to get to the bottom of it. Nino interrupted their conversation by walking into the mixed hot pool and offering to wash Futaro. He asked her which one she was and ruined the moment…

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 19 Yotsuba

What did you think?

This episode felt much more like the first season. It was funny and ridiculous and then there were all the confessions, whether it was to themselves, the wind, or Futaro. I had to laugh properly when Futaro asked Nino which one she was after she offered to wash his back. Does it matter? Hahaha! Baga!

Anyhow, I enjoyed this episode more than all of the previous ones this season put together. I’m still not enjoying the art style, especially some of the flat expressions, but I can live with it when it’s enjoyable like this.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 19 Ichika hears Nino confess to Futaro

What have you learnt?

I’m certain that the episode was funnier and that my enjoyment had absolutely nothing to do with this being a hot springs episode. Nothing, whatsoever. That said, there’s nothing wrong with hot springs, beach, water park or whatever episodes. Of course, all of these are well established tropes when it comes to anime. It just proves the point further that tropes are a good thing and exist because people enjoy them and come to expect them. Don’t be afraid to utilise them to their fullest. If anything, you may find out the audience will be disappointed should their favourite tropes not show up. Don’t fight the formula!

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 19 Itsuki in the hot springs

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