The Quintessential Quintuplets (Episode 24) – Sisters War: Part 2

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So far, everything has gone wrong for the quintuplets on the school trip. There is, however, one day left with five different activities. They decide to each pick a different one so that one of them will be with Futaro.

What happened?

After running around with Yotsuba and Itsuki, Futaro spent the latter part of the day with Miku at the request of Ichika. Of course, it wasn’t actually Miku as she was back at the hotel room with Nino. Ichika was hoping to make Miku’s story believable, at least the one she had created when she told him that she liked him as Miku.

This time, however, Futaro saw through her disguise and put it all together. His time trying to tell them apart was clearly starting to pay off. Once back at the hotel, the quintuplets were all together once more and the tension was high. As if to make things worse, Futaro came in as the class representative to update them on tomorrow’s activities, and he was a hair’s breadth away from seeing Yotsuba walk out of the shower!

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 24 Yotsuba almost exposed herself

The next day gave the students a choice of five activities to sign up for. They decided that while they all wanted to spend some time with Futaro alone, they would leave it to chance and each select an activity. Ichika knew which activity Futaro was going to choose and picked that one. However, on the morning of the activity, she swapped with Miku, seeking to make up for what she did.

Bizarrely, got flustered and tried to run away. She was stopped suddenly when she ran into someone, allowing Futaro to catch up. That someone was Ichika who had come along to make sure that Miku made the most of the day. Of coruse, Nino, Itsuki, and Yotsuba had the same idea.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 24 Futaro and Miku spend the day together

They ended up having a pretty good day together. Yotsuba even managed to drop Miku’s bread by her side, and Futaro promptly ate some. He said he liked it and it reminded him of his mother who used to bake bread for him and his father before she died. Miku told him that she wanted to know more about him and then went on to tell her about all the things she loved at their location, finally pointing at Futaro.

He said, he knew, but then Miku switched her stance and pointed at her sisters who were all hiding and watching. They appeared to have all made up and had a much better understanding of one another and how they might have reacted in each other’s position. Finally, we learnt that Futaro put his friend up to the task of taking photos of the girls. Also, the girl that ran into him and rang the bell at the spa vacation was Itsuki, and she accidentally kissed him on the lips in the process.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 24 Miku confesses to Futaro kind of

What did you think?

I think this was my favourite episode of the season, and it was probably the best time for it. Now, I get to walk away and dream of season three. There were times in the previous episodes where I was worried for the girls and how them all chasing after Futaro was going to affect their relationship. This episode kind of put that fear to rest. It was amazing how they all came together to give Miku the push she needed and at the same time were able to sympathise with one another.

There were a lot of great moments between the girls and some surprising ones from Futaro too. The biggest shock for me though was the revalation that Itsuki was the one that rang the bell with Futaro back in episode twenty. I had almost written her off as not being completely interested, but now I don’t even know what to think. I literally can’t wait for the next season.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 24 Yotsuba

What have you learnt?

One of the elements that I think makes this show so good is the mystery of who will Futaro end up with. That grabbed my attention back in the first episode and has been at the front of my thoughts as I watch every episode. This is not your average harem comedy romance. However, that alone shouldn’t be enough to keep things this interesting. So what is it?

Well, for me, it’s the fact that all of the potential partners are sisters. That added a lot of tension to the story. The worry that this would pull them apart was real. We saw how often they fight and the sort of things they fight over, so all being interested in the same guy was bound to make things worse. So, it was extra special seeing them come together and support Miku. I think the events in this episode have really strengthened their bonds and that was a wonderful thing to watch.

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 24 Ichika Yotsuba Nino Itsuki and Miku asleep

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