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I’ve seen a lot of good and bad anime, but nothing has frustrated me quite like Plunderer. After seven episodes, I thought I would highlight seven things that it’s done to annoy me!

The Trouble with Plunderer!

I always try to give a series the benefit of the doubt, often looking for potential reasons why something has happened the way it did, even when it might not make sense to most people. So far, I’ve seen the first seven episodes and will probably continue because I’m reviewing it over at, even though this is not an ecchi series… it claims to be…

If you’ve enjoyed the series, you may want to look away now. I am very frustrated with it because it looks like there could be a good story somewhere but so far it’s failed to do anything in a coherent manner. I’m just listing seven things it’s done that annoys me, but there have been many more.

7. Oblivious Hina

Plunderer Episode 1 Nana talking to Hina

Hina has been wandering the world for more than five years. She’s built up a huge count based on the number of kilometres she’s walked. Very impressive, but in that time, she has failed to learn anything about the world in which she exists. She doesn’t even know what the count is or how they work. She is oblivious to the history and rules of the world. I can see why you might use a character who doesn’t know much to reveal exposition, but this is next level ignorance and it’s really annoying.

6. Random Exposition

Plunderer Episode 2 Nana and Random

In episode two, while Licht is rescuing Hina from the military, Nana is blissfully talking to some random guy at her bar/wagon and revealing all sorts of information that is quite likely to get Licht in danger if the wrong people hear it. It makes no sense that she is just telling this random patron everything like this. Then, when Jail catches up with Licht, he has Lynn explain how ballots work, because… well, I’m not sure, but obviously the writers needed to find a way to tell us more about the world.

5. Licht dressed as a Pudding

Plunderer Episode 3 Pele and Licht Approve

Licht spent two episodes dressed as a pudding. It is ridiculous and could work, but not in this series. The tone seems to flip-flop all over the place. One second it’s a battle shounen with long and over the top fights, then it tries to get dark with characters that we’ve only just met, and finally, Licht turns into a sex pest at the drop of a hat. One second he’s sitting next to Hina talking about serious things and then he’s trying to pull her legs apart to see her panties.

4. Counts for Nothing

Plunderer Episode 4 Jail

Everyone has a count that measures some aspect of your life. They can go up and down, but if they hit zero you get dragged to the abyss by these mysterious dark hands. So, whenever anyone sees Licht’s negative count it should be instantly apparent that this is a cause for concern, but too many times, characters have seen it and assumed he’s such a loser. No, by the rules of the world he should be in the abyss. No one seems to know how this world works, least of all the writers.

3. Everyone is Faking it

Plunderer Episode 5 Jail captured Licht

In episode five, Licht and Jail fought. At first, Jail had a fake count stuck over his real count, hiding his true power level. Of course, Licht has a negative count plus the count on his sword, but it’s not as high as Jail’s count so he shouldn’t stand a chance. But, of course, Licht has been faking it the whole time too and only gets serious when Lynn stops Jail from whipping him so that she can tell him about how she wants to make a playground for the children… I’m not even making this up!

2. Can someone help Nana?

Plunderer Episode 6 Nana

We meet Nana in the first episode and she is all too happy to explain to Hina how everything works, no doubt assuming that she’s never stepped foot outside before. She reveals that her count is tied to the number of compliments she gets for the food she prepares. It’s currently 77. So far, in this series, she must have made Hina several meals and even a couple for Licht, but the number remains at 77. Seriously, if someone told me their count was tied to getting a compliment about the food they’d prepared, you can bet I would compliment them every time. Nana really has crappy friends.

1. Licht the Grabber

Plunderer Episode 6 Licht trying to Forc

I’m no stranger to ecchi shows and the perverted hero, but this is first time I’ve seen one who actively attacks women and tries to grope them and pull their legs apart. It’s quite unsettling and not at all what ecchi is about. I feel like someone who has never seen an ecchi series decided to take all of the complaints others have about ecchi and make a series that incorporates all the things that don’t actually happen. Ironically, I don’t think there’s been a single panty shot yet. Either way, there’s no enjoyment in watching Hina squirm and plead with him to stop only for him to not listen and then no one is remotely concerned about it afterwards.

This series is so bad right now that it’s not even funny. It has a number of troubling aspects that no one seems to care about and on top that the pace of the story is a mess. Sometimes, absolutely nothing happens in an episode. For me, it’s not ecchi and it’s not action. It may actually be an Isekai, but at this stage, that’s not going to save it either. My count is seventeen, as in I have seventeen episodes left to watch and I’m hoping I get dragged into the abyss long before that.

Obviously, these are just my opinions. It’s fine for you to enjoy any anime and equally fine for you to criticise them too. If you have enjoyed Plunderer, I’d love to know why. I’m always interested in learning about what makes a story resonate with someone, so please don’t worry about me judging your opinion. Everyone is entitled to theirs.

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  1. Ecchi, Fanservice and the like is going to have to defend itself against the rising tide of mainstream attention in anime. Stuff like Plunderer doesn’t fucking help at all.

    • Not at all. As far as I’m concerned this isn’t ecchi. I’m not even sure what it is at the moment. The story seems to lend itself to fantasy, possibly isekai, but after seven episodes I still don’t know what the actual story is and then we have all the troubling rapey-groping going on.

  2. David Boone (moonhawk81)
    David Boone (moonhawk81)

    My son has been watching this; I have not, and when I asked him to describe it to me, he used a single word: “predictable.” So he seems a bit frustrated with it, also.

    • I’ll be interested to hear if he makes it all the way to episode 24 or not. If I hadn’t already committed to reviewing it, I would have dropped it after two episodes.

      I see people on the web saying they’re loving it and I just can’t get my head around how that’s possible. Different horses for different courses, I guess…

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