The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat (Episode 2) – Deal of Reincarnation

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After discussing terms with the goddess, the world’s finest assassin was reborn into a new world. He has eighteen years in which to kill the hero and save the world, but he can’t kill the hero before he kills the demon lord!

The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat (Episode 2) – Deal of Reincarnation

What happened?

The goddess explained that after the hero kills the demon lord, his power will drive him mad and cause the end of the world. He will have sixteen years to prepare for that moment and a further two in which to complete his mission. She’s limited with how much power she can give him, especially since she’s already skirting the rules by allowing him to retain his memories and choose his five skills.

After that, he will be free to live the life he wants. He’s never wanted much out of life until the final moments when he rediscovered frustration. This time, he would live for him and not for another. He accepted the mission and chose his skills, picking out the ones that would give him the best opportunity to kill the hero.

With everything settled, it was time to be reborn. He woke moments later as a newborn baby, the heir to a noble family of assassins. Everything was perfectly set up for Lugh to begin his preparations. As he grew older, he focused on getting the most out of his body, eating well, exercising, and honing his skills. The only thing missing – a magic tutor.

As he was progressing so well, Lugh’s father performed a medical procedure that would grant Lugh the ability to see things differently. It was a family secret passed down through the generations. Everything went well, allowing Lugh to see as if he was looking through a scope. He could see in the dark and even view a person’s mana. The final surprise was a magic teacher who arrived in a spectacular fashion!

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 2 Lugh hunting

What did you think?

This was a much slower episode, but it was still incredible. I loved every moment of it. The best thing about it is how strategic Lugh is. Everything he does is to better himself. He has sixteen years to prepare and you better believe he is going to use every second of it. It makes perfect sense. What if you were reborn into a new life? Would you continue exactly as before or would you do things in such a way to omit the errors of your past life?

I know full well that I would. I would eat better and choose my activities differently, focusing on endurance and flexibility. This series may not resonate as much with the younger audience, but I am loving it. The fact that he is an older character makes this fascinating. He’s not goofing around or doing weird things. He has a goal and he’s determined to achieve it. Assassin stuff aside, Lugh is doing things exactly how I would. That’s probably why I’m enjoying it so much.

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 2 Lugh mana

What have you learnt?

Once again, I think this episode handled the exposition incredibly well. Lugh’s interaction with the goddess was great. It revealed a lot about the world and what he’s up against. I did find it annoying that he didn’t tell us what his fifth skill is, but they’re obviously planning on pulling that out when needed. Still, I don’t like when a story deliberately omits something important like that just for dramatic reasons.

That little annoyance aside, it continued to tell us more and more about Lugh’s new family and the lengths that he’s prepared to go to in order to achieve his mission. I like how perceptive he is and how when challenged the goddess was pretty laissez-faire about everything. This feels very much like Mushoku Tensei but with a different character arc. Lugh knows what he’s trying to do, whereas Rudeus hasn’t quite worked it out yet. It’s going to be interesting to compare the two.

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 2 Lugh with his mother

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  1. Just finished watching this episode and I’ve to say it’s a bit of improvement though I felt this could’ve been the first episode for a more preferable impact, but that’s just me feeling that way.

    “He’s not goofing around or doing weird things.”

    Well it’s because he was brought up in a strict & authoritative environment so it’s expected of an assassin who still has his adult memories in his current body. Now this is what makes me feel a very old character believable unlike what Plunderer had with Licht being 300+ years old who acts nonsensical as if he never remembered the tragedy that had befallen on him. Yea-p~, I’m unable to take that kind of very old character seriously.

    • I feel like this episode worked because of the first one. The backstory showed us what kind of a person he was and how professionally he approaches his role.

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