The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat (Episode 8) – Rites of Choice

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Lugh has transferred control of Orna to Maha and is leaving her in Milteu to run things and maintain his base there. It’s time for him to return to Tuatha Dé with Tarte. When he gets there, his father has some news for him!

The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat (Episode 8) – Rites of Choice

What happened?

Orna is thriving. It’s helped Illig Balor build up an impressive list of connections, essentially creating an information network. He saved Maha and her friends from a life of misery and gave them something to save themselves from the streets. They are grateful and wished to thank him, even if he didn’t feel that he needed it. However, it’s time to return to Tuatha Dé as Lugh.

He left Maha behind to control his base of operations there. She was delighted to be able to do something for him that no other can do, but also sad that she wasn’t coming with him. Before he left, she gave him a trinket and told him that she had doubted him over and over again. Her father had told her that in order to trust someone you must first doubt them.

Lugh agreed with her father’s advice and seemed pleased that Maha had grown to be such a strong person regardless of her physical and magical abilities. He could leave knowing that she would keep everything together. She made him promise to visit with her once a month the way he visited with Dia. He agreed.

On the way home, their carriage was confronted by a pack of monster wolves. Tarte was keen to show off the results of her combat missions and took care of them with ease. Lugh was impressed. They continued on their way, stopping briefly to meet with some of the locals who were delighted to see he was back. Many have prospered during his time there and they were well aware of his help.

Once he got home and managed to slip out of his mother’s arms, Lugh went to see his father who told him that he could become a merchant if he wanted. His alias Illig Balor was also to give him the chance to walk away before he was discarded by society. Lugh told him that he loved the country and the people and wanted to ensure that they could live peaceful and happy lives. He knew what needed to be done and would do it without hesitation. Also, he needed to maintain the standing in nobility as he loves Dia and hopes to marry her…

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 8 Maha protecting her girls

What did you think?

I’ve likened this series to Mushoku Tensei due to the nature of Lugh’s rebirth and the way the story has followed his development. There are still a number of comparisons even if the two central characters are completely different. However, I’m now starting to see some similarities to That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime in the sense that there is a lot of political wrangling and underhand moves. For me, that just makes this series that much more enjoyable.

Like Lugh, I love this world and the way it operates. I’m excited to see him and Tarte, and probably Maha and Dia clean up and make it even better. It’s impossible to deny that some of these episodes are quite slow in terms of action, but the dialogue is clean and direct. There’s no need to try to understand what the characters are trying to get at and that helps to keep it engaging. I’m a huge fan of this series and already wondering if we’ll get a second season. I hope so!

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 8 Cian gives Lugh a choice

What have you learnt?

There have been several episodes that if watched independently from the others might appear slow and maybe even boring, but watching the series makes them that much more interesting. Even the boring parts. For me, this series has done a great job of pulling me into the world. I’ve enjoyed the development of the characters and seeing them take steps towards becoming assassins.

When I compare this to another season show I’m watching – Takt Op. Destiny, I can’t help but spot similar patterns. There are short action scenes interspersed between dialogue-heavy sections. The main differences are that in The World’s Finest Assassin we know what his goal is. It’s quite clear and we can see him working towards it. It makes sense.

In Takt Op. Destiny, they want to travel to New York to see if they might be able to help Cossette. Lugh’s mission is to kill the hero. Not see if he can possibly kill the hero. I love how the slight change in the way it’s phrased gives this series a definitive stance and makes everything he does feel like it has a purpose. Takt is just meandering across the country without any real direction or urgency.

Ansatsu Kizoku Episode 8 Lugh gets his first assignment

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  1. Something is nagging at me. One would think that the hero he is supposed to assassinate, after the hero kills the demon lord, might be an important enough character to warrant an appearance in the credits. Instead, we have a moment where Lugh’s sights are set on the goddess herself. A goddess whom we know to be manipulative, ready to use the hero while also planning the hero’s demise. Assuming things don’t simply sour between her and Lugh, as they did with his last employers in his previous life, then why would Lugh turn on the goddess? I have a suspicion. What if the hero in question is Dia, the one Lugh loves and wants to marry? I can’t think of any greater motivation to rebel and try to fight a goddess, everything else be damned. And something has gone wrong with everything else we’ve seen the goddess try, so why not this?

    • Yeah, that could work, especially as he’s just said that he loves her and intends to marry her. I wonder what she could do to become dangerous other than if she finds out that Lugh is supposed to kill her.

      I’m still wondering whether there even is a hero. All the other assassins she sent were thirty and forty years ago. Seems like she’s just playing.

      He did also ask the goddess if there was a way to complete his mission without killing the hero. I think he was hinting at killing the Demon Lord himself. Would that make him the hero? It’s going to be interesting for sure.

    • Oh, that’s a level I hadn’t yet considered. Going back and watching their conversation again, I am struck with how little trust I can have in her words. That makes everything suspect, which means Lugh’s plans may have been based on misinformation from the start.

      It occurs to me that the goddess’ other schemes with reincarnated souls bear a striking resemblance to when a villain has hilariously incompetent henchmen to work with.

    • What if she is the Demon Lord and is using Lugh to kill the only person that can stop her? She certainly seems to be scheming.

      We’re also yet to discover what Lugh’s fifth skill was – the one he was surprised to find in that category. Wonder if we’ll get a resolution in this season or whether we’ll have to wait and see if we get another season.

What did you think?