To Your Eternity (Volume 1) – In The Beginning…

To Your Eternity Volume 1 Cover

A mysterious orb is sent to Earth to gather data and learn from its experiences. At first, it lived as a rock and then moss, but it soon took on the form of a wolf and that’s when its true adventure began!

To Your Eternity (Volume 1) – In The Beginning…

What happened?

As a wolf, it quickly learnt to walk. It also learnt that it didn’t like pain so it healed the wound on its leg that had killed the wolf it had copied. Soon, it found its way to the wolf’s home with a boy who called him Joaan. The boy just assumed it was his wolf, although it didn’t know how to eat, and that’s fine. He would teach it. The boy lived alone in his village after the adults left in search of paradise, leaving him behind with the elders. All of which had now died. He planned on making the trek himself.

He set off with Joaan by his side. Soon they found a marker and that gave them hope. They found another and another. The boy spotted a bush and collected the branches for firewood. However, he fell through the ice into a river. When he climbed back out, he had cut his leg badly. That wasn’t enough to stop him though. They continued and soon came to another marker, but it had been crossed out and the ground was littered with graves.

The boy wanted to go home and he barely made it. It watched as the boy got sicker and sicker. He had hoped to make the trip once more, but his leg never healed. It took on the boy’s form and left to make the trip alone. However, it had no idea what a human was supposed to do. Before long he stumbled into something far more dangerous, but the chance to learn was invaluable.

To Your Eternity Volume 1 Travelling with the boy

What did you think?

This was beautifully tragic. There are currently seventeen volumes of To Your Eternity and if this one was anything to go by it’s going to be a long and tiring road. That said, I will do my best to complete this one as it really is captivating. I sat down to read a chapter and ended up reading the entire first volume without looking up. My tea got cold… That’s how much this book pulled me in.

Of course, the boy dying was just the beginning of dark times. Soon after, it came to a new region and was mauled by a giant bear. This bear was regarded as the god Oniguma and required a sacrifice each year to stop it from terrorising the nearby village. We follow a girl, March who dreams of becoming an adult and experiencing everything life has to offer. Of course, she is then selected to be the sacrifice. Seeing her have to come to terms with that was horrible.

I think that’s probably my one criticism of this story and that it sure paints a bleak picture of things. You might want to balance things out with something a little more light-hearted to stop you from spiralling into a depression. I’m curious to see if that continues in the next volume or whether it was a way of getting the orb’s adventure going.

To Your Eternity Volume 1 It takes the boys form

Volume highlights

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