Tower of God (Episode 11) – Underwater Hunt (Part One)

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The administrator sees Bam and agrees to allow him and Rachel to continue. Luckily, the director has a challenge all set up and ready to go. It’s not going to be easy, but they’ll have to rely on their friends.

What happened?

Bam and Rachel are placed inside a Shinsu ball in the hunting ground of Net Dolphins who use Shinsu to create a net to feed their queen. All they have to do is be eaten by the queen. Of course, it’s not that simple because there are Barnacle Goblins who use giant Wetworms to steal the fish in the net. There are also pigs that hunt the Net Dolphins and then the Bull that eats everything. So, all the team has to do is make sure that Bam and Rachel get eaten by the Queen Net Dolphin. Sounds easy enough.

However, Lero Ro is suspicious about how quickly the event was organised and he’s right to have his doubts about the true nature of the test. Things seem to be going as expected, but then Endorsi and Anaak decide to try to hunt the Bull, a creature that is feared by Rankers. At first, he seems like an easy target and not nearly as terrifying as originally made out, but it’s all a ruse. Lo Po Bia has been controlling the Bull in order to lure Anaak away from the others so that he can complete his mission and kill her. Of course, just doing that wouldn’t be much fun, so he offers Endorsi the Green April and tells her to kill Anaak.

Tower of God Episode 11 Bam and Rachel underwater

What did you think?

There’s still lots of vagueness and mystery and I’m loving it. The Administrator is truly bizarre and I can’t wait to see what that’s all about, but the real highlight of this episode was Lo Po Bia using the test to assassinate Anaak. Even more fascinating was how it left things with Lo Po Bia offering Endorsi the Green April if she kills Anaak. Given what we know about Endorsi so far, I’d say it’s completely possible that she’ll do it. Even after she revealed to Bam that Anaak was pretty much her reason to keep going, Endorsi is focused on the prize and will do whatever it takes to get there. The next episode should be exciting.

Tower of God Episode 11 The Bull attacking Endorsi and Anaak

What have you learnt?

I feel like this series is using Khan as a proxy for the viewer. Bam is a complete mystery and is generally pretty clueless and innocent, but Khan is the one trying to piece together the mystery and work out everything that’s going on around him, much like us. That’s why I think he’d the one character you should never take your eyes off on and listen to what he says and pay attention to what he notices. He’s kind of like the detective in a murder mystery. I think it’s actually a very clever way of revealing the pieces of the puzzle in a way that’s not too in your face and dripping with exposition.

Tower of God Episode 11 Endorsi Jahad given the Green April

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