Tower of God (Episode 4) – The Green April

Tower of God Title

Anak has the crown after the first round of the crown game, but can she keep it? Two more teams enter the arena while Khan stops Rak from joining. He’s playing it smart, but will he overthink it?

What happened?

Shibisu and Hatz split up to face the incoming teams while Anak relaxes on the throne. Hatz takes the fight to his opponents and makes easy work of them with his two swords. Shibisu does his best, but just seems to annoy them. However, one member of their team is asleep on the floor. Hatz saves Shibisu, but it’s all be a ruse to get them away from Anak. The guy lying on the floor wakes up and unleashed a powerful Shinsu attack. This, of course, just angers Anak and she unleashes her sword – the Green April.

With the round over, Anak takes the unusual decision to step off the throne and even enter Bam’s holding cell. It gets them disqualified from the game, but Anak is more concerned with the sword that Bam is holding and how it got it. She makes him a bet. If he can win the game, she’ll give him her sword and if he loses, she gets the Black March. It’s a crap deal, but she was planning on killing Bam at the end anyhow, so now he has a chance… Her arrogance enrages Rak and Khan who enter the next round with Bam.

Tower of God Episode 4 Anak gets Angry

What did you think?

I am loving this series and I’m even getting used to the rough animation style. It feels quite deliberate now as the motion is fluid and when it wants to step things up it does. The overall production is outstanding with the music and movement really standing out. I am a little worried that we are entering a One Piece style series where no one is going to die. Sure, we’ve seen our fair share of deaths already, but all nobodies. In this Crown Game, they are fighting with blades and swords, but it loses a lot of the severity if everyone is just being knocked out. I’m also really enjoying piecing this world together. This has got a great balance of mystery and action so far.

Tower of God Episode 4 Winners of Test 1 Massacre Taunting Anak

What have you learnt?

All too often shows hit us with wave after wave of exposition in the hopes that the audience will be able to keep up, so it’s really refreshing to see a series that is happy to let the viewers pick up the pieces and put it together as the story progresses. Heavy exposition is a particular annoyance of mine and very rarely does it actually work. Showing us the situation is always far more impactful than telling us, especially when it involves characters as you lose the connection and that can definitely hurt a series.

Tower of God Episode 4 Bam and Khan with the Crown

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