Tower of God (Episode 6) – Position Selection

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Rachel approached Khun while Bam was still unconscious and asked him to lie about her. Luckily, that was enough for Khun to want to stop Bam from finding out about Rachel. For the next test, they’re assigned positions!

What happened?

After they were given their positions, Khun asked about those that were injured and whether they would be disqualified. Lero Ro explained that their injuries were their own fault, however, Bam had been classified a Wave Controller and the instructor was delayed two days. A convenient situation if ever I saw one. Lero Ro has decided to back Bam in my view. This could get interesting. Anyhow, Anak and Endorsi continue to exchange insults which finally come to a head when they are to train together. Meanwhile, Khun who is training as a Light Bearer is looking into the other challengers and finds something interesting!

Tower of God Episode 6 Endorsi Jahad and Laure

What did you think?

There seemed to be a lot less happening in this episode, but the tone and atmosphere are still completely captivating. Whoever is behind the music choices for this series needs to get a pay rise. This felt much more like the beginning of a series of moves that will change the way this game is played. It’s like watching a chess master prepare for checkmate, only no one else can see it yet. The intrigue and mystery continue to keep this series refreshing and interesting and I’m so glad that we’ve not really been exposed to any exposition dumps. Keep it up.

Tower of God Episode 6 Rak and Khun

What have you learnt?

This was the first time I noticed Endorsi’s horns (see image below), but that doesn’t change her. She’s still a thoroughly entertaining and interesting character. I’m finding that the less we know about the world and the characters, the more I’m leaning towards the screen, afraid to miss anything. It’s doing a far better job of keeping me entertained that had it just told me a bunch of information in one go. It’s something that seems to be a little too common in storytelling nowadays which is odd given that I thought we were moving away from that. I guess all things come back around eventually!

Tower of God Episode 6 Endorsi Jahad fighting Anak Jahad

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