Tower of God (Episode 8) – Khun’s Strategy

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Quant is closing in on Team A’s it and there doesn’t appear to be anything that they can do about it… or does it? Khun is clearly not one to be underestimated, even by one that has already climbed the tower!

What happened?

After drawing Quant into his first trap and unsuccessfully capturing him, they switch to plan B which has Anak running towards the exit. Quant, who appears to be suppressing some rage, gives them a fighting headstart and also says that he’ll use the stairs, but is this playing into Khun’s next plan? Quant finally gets to the bridge and instead of finding Anak he finds Khun who claims that Anak jumped down. He further antagonises Quant who then jumps off the bridge with Khun. Khun wriggles free and watches Quant fall into the darkness as Anak is lifted back towards the bridge. Victory appears to be a formality, but even then, it would appear that not all is as it seems!

Tower of God Episode 8 Khun has a plan

What did you think?

I thought Bam was the protagonist in this series! Well, I was clearly wrong, Khun is without a doubt the most interesting character so far and he once again shone. The way he manipulated Quant was excellent and I’m certain he is well aware that Quant will probably not follow through with his directions. It’s interesting that Khun has also seen the true nature of this test and is doing what he can to ensure his “team’ succeed. I’m very much enjoying this series with all of its twists, turns, and misdirections.

Tower of God Episode 8 Khun gives Quant some directions

What have you learnt?

I love intricate stories with lots of moving parts that all somehow come together. When I write fiction, I’m a plotter which means I create an outline of the story beforehand. Obviously, it’s only a rough guide with notes on things that need to happen. Sure, some things will happen that I hadn’t planned on and that’s great, but I also think that having a plan makes for these parts to come together more efficiently and naturally. I don’t know about how this series was written, but I’d imagine that there was a fair amount of planning that went into it, especially with how seamlessly it’s all fitting together.

Tower of God Episode 8 Endorsi Jahad

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