Tower of God (Episode 9) – The One-Horned Ogre

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Team B is in disarray. Endorsi appears to have gone rogue and Hatz is about to face Quant. Meanwhile, Hoh is up to something, but can we really trust anything that we see? There’s more going on than we know!

What happened?

Aware that Quant was closing in, Hatz told the two spear bearers to hide in the shadows and wait for him to create an opening. It was always going to be tough going up against a Ranker all on his own, but Hatz was never one to back away from a challenge. It didn’t appear to be going his way, but then Hatz managed to grab hold of Quant’s arm and gave the signal for the spear bearers to attack. They did not. Quant seemed more disappointed than Hatz who he quickly finished off and then went after the spear bearers

Meanwhile, Endorsi had turned on her own team and revealed to Bam that you have to be prepared to step on others if you are to climb the tower. She tried to warn him about Rachel once more, but he still went to find her. Hoh, however, had already taken Rachel away and was planning on killing her so that Bam would step out, leaving a path for him to pass. Quant showed up and was in even less of a good mood, but then Bam appeared and Hoh ordered Bam to defeat the Ranker of he’d kill Rachel. Quant gave Bam a taste of a ranker’s power and was surprised to see him copy it almost instantly on Hoh.

Tower of God Episode 9 Hatz and Quant

What did you think?

This is turning into exactly the type of series I had hoped it would be. It should be obvious, but anyone attempting to climb the tower must have something driving them and the most likely thing is a terrible and haunting past. We’re seeing more and more of that as we get to know the characters and we’re even having to deal with some deaths. Finally! I know we’ve had a big deathmatch already, but this was a pretty central character at this stage. One of my biggest criticisms of shounen series is that characters seem to come back from the dead far more than they actually die. There are no stakes if you know that everyone is going to be fine. Well, not with Tower of God. This series is excellent and I love the way it’s approaching this story.

Tower of God Episode 9 Serena Rinnen slaps Endorsi Jahad

What have you learnt?

I love the way the Khun has manipulated the entire thing and I’m certain that he was the one to send the letter to Hoh. All of his actions will no doubt put him at odds with Bam if he ever finds out, even if it is the right way to play it. I am enjoying the lack of clearly good and evil characters in this series. Almost everyone is grey and most likely a dark grey too. Bam is probably the only pure character here and even he is prone to violent outbursts, although he has no control over that. It’s also interesting that characters can change and keep things from one another. It’s definitely added to the realism of the show (even with a magical tower full of deadly challenges).

Tower of God Episode 9 Quant with Endorsi's Panties

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