Undead Unluck (Volume 1) – Today’s My Lucky Day

Undead Unluck Voluem 1 Cover

Anyone Fuuko Izumo touches suffers extreme misfortune. Basically, she brings about bad luck and that’s caught the attention of a man who cannot die. Maybe, she will hold the key to freeing him from his neverending life.

Undead Unluck (Volume 1) – Today’s My Lucky Day

What happened?

It took a while for Fuuko to work out what was happening to her, but she believes the first time her bizarre powers manifested was when she saw her parent’s plane explode on the runway. Moments earlier, she had hugged and kissed them goodbye unaware that it would be for the last time. Anyhow, she’s finally had enough of causing people misfortune so she’s going to kill herself. Well, that was until she accidentally killed a man… at least that’s how it looked at first.

The man who goes by the name Undead cannot die. He’s been alive for a long time and he has had enough. When he realised what Fuuko can do, he decides that he will keep her safe so that she can use her powers to finally end his unnatural life. She’s not too sure about that, but then they are attacked by a mysterious organisation that wants to kill everyone with unusual powers. Fuuko helps Andy escape by kissing him which brings a meteorite crashing down on his location.

They are attacked again and this time, they learn that there are ten people with unusual powers that run the organisation. When someone dies, another will be promoted, but there are never more than ten. Fuuko decides that they should try to join. At least they wouldn’t be relentlessly hunted if they did. They just have to kill two others, which is handy, because they are being attacked by two right now!

Undead Unluck Voluem 1 Fuuka kisses Undead

What did you think?

This story has a very interesting power system and uses it to make the fights unique. I quite liked Fuuko’s character, however, I didn’t really care for Andy (Undead). I’m sure that will have impacted my overall enjoyment of the story as he’s one of the two main characters. It was fine, but it didn’t inspire me to want to instantly grab the next volume. I will continue reading to see what other powers they come up with and to see how it ends. Who knows maybe Andy will grow on me?

I guess it had to happen eventually. I’m currently reading more than fifty different series so I was bound to come up against one that I didn’t love. Luckily, I haven’t come up against one that I’ve hated so far, so that’s good. And like I said, I will continue to the series, although it will be a low priority in terms of what book I pick up next.

Undead Unluck Voluem 1 Undead and Fuuka escape thanks to underwater volcano

Volume highlights

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