Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? Uncensored (Episode 12) – Twelfth Period

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Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Title

This Valentine’s Day, Koh was hoping that Tachibana would give him some chocolates. He even waited after school so it wouldn’t be awkward. Then, there was a snowstorm and it got awkward!

Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? Uncensored (Episode 12) – Twelfth Period

What happened?

After their trip to the island together, Koh was sure that Tachibana would give him chocolates on Valentine’s Day. However, she didn’t. He even waited until after all the other students had gone home so it wouldn’t be awkward. Then, when he thought she wasn’t coming, he went to go home. Only there had been a snowstorm and he was stuck at the school, along with Tachibana who he found stuck in the snow.

They warmed up in front of a floor heater but Tachibana’s clothes were wet so she had to remove them, making Koh turn away for the first time. There weren’t any blankets and his clothes were damp too so he suggested that she eat the chocolates she got for Valentine’s Day. She agreed as long as he shared it with her. However, the floor heater had melted the chocolate and when she picked it up, it dripped onto her nipple. Koh went to find something else to eat, but he slipped and landed on her chocolate-covered nipple with his mouth open!

After a while, he decided that he would officially ask her out, mustering the courage. He did it. He asked her out and she said no…

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Episode 12 Koh And Tachibana Snowstorm

After graduation, Tachibana returned to his house with Sato, Suzuki, and Taka. He was a little curious as to why they all wanted to talk and even more curious as to why the teachers were all there too, including Tachibana. They wanted to plan a vacation, but then Tachibana spilt a cake mix on her top and needed a change of clothes. Koh took her to his room and found a tracksuit for her.

Tachibana was changing when she found a picture of her and Koh on his chest of drawers. She dropped it and dived to catch it, knocking over some other boxes including a fishing rod. The line tangled around her body, tying her up in a very revealing position. Koh heard the noise and came running, however, when he opened the door, it pulled on the line. He ran to get scissors and made it back just before Hazakura was able to peep. Once free, she told him that she was no longer his teacher and that she wanted to date him too. She just couldn’t do it when they were student and teacher.

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Episode 12 Koh Breaks Down

What did you think?

So, Tachibana was the only one with any self-control. Admittedly, she did put herself in a fairly awkward position with Koh, but I appreciate her resolve. I think this probably factored into my thinking when I decided that these two were my favourite couple. It wasn’t a major factor, but it was there. As with every other episode in this series, the uncensored version has been by far the better one to watch. I don’t regret watching it as it aired and being stuck with the censored version, but I would have preferred to go straight to this version.

Episode highlights

Valentine’s Day!

Graduation Day!

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