Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 17) – That’s the Woman I Fell in Love With!

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 17 Cover

Kogarashi is excited about the school trip to Kyoto since the last time, he was being possessed continuously. However, all of the girls seem to have decided this will be the perfect time to push things with him. He can’t get a break!

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 17) – That’s the Woman I Fell in Love With!

What happened?

Hibari has decided that she wants to go to a shrine with Kogarashi and discover if they are love matches. Yuuna likes the sound of that and so does Sagiri. Chisaki, however, can’t let them just get ahead of her, especially as she was going to tell him how she felt on the trip. It’s all getting a bit much. Then, when a talisman ball is activated in the bathhouse, transporting Kogarashi into the girls’ bath where they are forced to hide him under the water, he decides that things are getting out of control and goes exploring with just Hyoudou. Trouble seems to follow them whether they go and he doesn’t want to make a scene.

That night, Chisaki and Yuuna go to the shrine to get their love fortunes, but there’s a massive lineup. They run into Yumesaki who also wanted to check her fortune. They spot a fortune teller and decide to go in. To Yuuna’s surprise, it’s Ryuzen, the fortune teller who gave her some insight into her previous life. With the help of Yumesaki, Ryuzen puts Chisaki into a dream where she will see her ideal future. Then, something went wrong with her spiritual energy and Yumesaki’s powers. Chisaki woke up in a bed with Kogarashi. She soon realised she was older too. What had happened?

Chisake eventually finds out that this is ten years after the school trip and she’s now living with Kogarsahi in Tokyo. She has no memory of the last ten years and at first, thinks it’s a dream, but it’s starting to feel more and more real. After one night’s sleep, her memories come back to her in a dream. She sees that Kogarashi lost his spirit energy and couldn’t see Yuuna anymore. She passed on and soon after a war between the yokai broke out. Everyone went their separate ways, but one day, Chisaki bumped into Kogarashi in Tokyo and they soon fell in love. They moved in together and have been living together while Kogarashi clears his debt. Four years later, he proposed to her. However, that was when the world started to crumble around her. She heard Yuuna, Ryuzen, and Yumesaki’s voices. Before it ended, she needed to see how Kogarashi lost his powers. She needed to stop it from happening, but would that stop this future from becoming true too?

What did you think?

I’m not crying, you’re crying! Seriously, I was not expecting that. Seeing Chisaki’s story develop like that was spectacular and I’m now one hundred percent behind the Chisaki-Kogarashi ending. I love all the girls and it’ll be sad to see Yuuna and Sagiri miss out, but I can’t see it ending any other way now. Especially, since Chisaki basically gave it all up to stop the events she saw from happening. Of course, she had to stop Kogarashi from losing his powers and the sorrow that caused Yuuna. And then, there was the yokai war that she stopped by ensuring the Kogarashi didn’t lose his powers. I loved that the other girls realised what Chisaki gave up and gave her the chance to say her piece to Kogarashi alone. The scene in the Ferris wheel was amazing.

And after that heartwrenching affair, we jumped back to Yuragi-sou to see that Nonko, Nakai, Koyuzu, Yaya, and Miria had been cursed to have their boobs grow unless they were rubbed by someone else. I love how this series has been able to mix the most goofy ideas with some wonderful storytelling. It just shows that anything can work if given the right care and attention. And then there was a cursed book that turned everyone’s clothing into micro-bikinis… It’s just brilliantly insane. That said, it’s going to take me a while to get over the Chisaki storyline. That was the defining moment of the series for me so far. I can’t wait to see if the next seven books can top that!

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 17 Sagiri Hibari Chisaki and Urara hiding Kogarashi naked

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English TitleYuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs
Japanese TitleYuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
AuthorTadahiro Miura
ArtistTadahiro Miura
GenresComedyEcchiHarem, Romance, Supernatural

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