Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 22) – Get Out of My Body!

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 22 Cover

The Yukemuri High School’s Cultural Festival is about to begin and Chisaki is determined to finally tell Kogarashi how she feels about him, but there never seems to be a good time. Will there ever be?

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 22) – Get Out of My Body!

What happened?

During the setup of the Festival, Chisaki overheard Sagiri and Kogarashi talking about going on a date on Christmas Eve, which is exactly when she had hoped to have some alone time with him. Everyone else seems to have said their piece to him so why can’t she? If she doesn’t hurry, she’ll be left behind. However, the student president seems to be making things hard for her. He recently asked Chisaki out and is obviously looking to get some revenge for being turned down. Feeling frustrated by her situation, Chisaki ended up avoiding Kogarashi for the rest of the day, even hiding in the sports storage closet. However, Kogarashi found her and asked if everything was all right. Desperate to escape this awkward situation, she told him it was because she liked him and then ran away.

As soon as she said it, she regretted it. That wasn’t how she wanted to tell him, but now she had and it was all wrong. She was going to forget all about it and give up on her feelings for Kogarashi until Yuuna convinced her not to. The next day, she ended up alone with Kogarashi. He wanted to give her an answer because he felt like he needed to even if it meant others would get hurt, however, Chisaki stopped him and told him that she liked him in a much nicer way. I can’t help but think she missed an opportunity there.

Anyhow, the Festival was crashed by Tenko Nadare, Ryuuga Genshiro, and Yoinozaka Shakuhito. All three fancied themselves as Kogarashi’s number one rival and since they couldn’t fight at the school, they decided to have a popularity contest. One thing led to another and they ended up in maid’s costumes. Nadare changed them all into girls to make it more interesting and so that no one would recognise them. They soon encountered Hyoudou, who assisted them with their contest. He got to experience first-hand what it was like to be Kogarashi, of course, the fact that they were actually guys was not what he was after…

Yuuna was starting to get her memories back which troubled her. Chisaki told her in the future she saw, Yuuna passed on once she recovered her memories, realising that she had nothing holding her back. She decided that she needed to tell Kogarashi how she felt, although she was concerned she was a spirit. Nakai reassured her that no one around her was exactly normal and that she should do it. She did and felt much better for it. Kogarashi asked Yuuna to gather everyone who had expressed their feelings for him and raced home to meet with them. However, his body was possessed by Yoinozaka Jonosuke, Nonko’s father. He intended to get his revenge, but Kogarashi fought him, knowing that his body would be destroyed in the process.

What did you think?

This volume ended with a series of chapters which followed different girls in what it claimed to be the future. Of course, something felt off about each of them. The first was Sagiri who was in a relationship with Kogarashi although after a year of dating, she hadn’t mustered up the courage to even hold his hand. Then, we saw a future where Hibari was with Kogarashi and another where it was Oboro. Finally, we saw Hiougi and she had worked out that it was a dream. Her clairvoyance allows her to hear the thoughts of people nearby and every now and then she would hear one of the other girls despite them not being present. She assumed that they were all asleep somehow and that Ryuzen had given each of them a vision of the future.

Does that mean that Kogarashi has actually died? Will he be a spirit along with Yuuna or will that be a way to recover his body? This definitely feels like the beginning of the end of this story. I felt like he was going to tell Chisaki that he liked her when she stopped him, but I’m guessing she wasn’t so sure. I can’t see this ending up as a harem. I think he will choose one person and I hope it’s Chisaki. I love all the characters, but I still haven’t gotten over the scene where she saw their future together and he was about to propose to her. I don’t know how they will resolve this so that everyone is happy though. It’s going to be a tense ending. Two books to go!

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 22 Hyoudou has some new experiences

Volume highlights

Series Information

English TitleYuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs
Japanese TitleYuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
GenresComedyEcchiHarem, Romance, Supernatural


Series ReviewYuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs
AuthorTadahiro Miura
ArtistTadahiro Miura
1Because it’s Haunted, Right?
2Some Time Back I Got Possessed…
3Some Kind of Perverted Girl…
4Well? Are You Sufficiently Aroused?
5That’s Way Worse Than I Imagined!!
6Is This… Jealousy?!
7All You Have to Do is Come Get Him…
8Subjugation Ceremony Complete
9Your Girls Will Inevitably Just Pop Out!
10Stairway to Heaven
11Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
12I Can’t Give Up Without a Fight
13The Great Water War!
14An Unwanted Exorcism
15Who is the True Tenko Genryusai?!
16A Family Wedding!
17That’s the Woman I Fell in Love With!
18Child’s Play!
19All-Out War!
20Let’s Get Metaphysical!
21Trick or Treeeeat!
22Get Out of My Body!
23For the Days We Would Spend Together…
24I’ll Be With You Forever…

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