Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 6) – Is This… Jealousy?!

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 6 Cover

Hibari has decided that she needs to confess her feelings to Kogarashi, especially as she’s noticed that Chisaki and Yuuna have been acting strangely around him. And why is Sagiri so calm around him?

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Volume 6) – Is This… Jealousy?!

What happened?

At the school festival, Yuuna’s part in the play was to be the mermaid in a full-body suit with a wig and a mask so that she could “swim” through the air. Her big moment was going to be the ending when the mermaid turned to seafoam and her spirits floated away. However, Hibari managed to fall over and knock herself unconscious. The only option was for Yuuna to possess Hibari’s body and perform the rest of the play. However, when it became time for her to give up on the prince, Chisaki, who was playing the princess and love rival, stopped her. It was all too real for her, considering the things Yuuna was going through with Kogarashi. She told her not to give up on love and they changed the end of the play on the fly.

Seeing Yuuna possess Hibari’s body gave Koyozo an idea. She was able to create a fake body for Yuuna using her leaf powers which Yuuna could then possess. That allowed Chisaki to see and interact with her for the first time. Surprisingly, no one noticed that Yuuna was actually in a real body until Kogarashi came home from work and instantly saw it. Chisaki was happy that she was able to help Yuuna work out her feelings for Kogarashi, but for some strange reason, it left her feeling sad. Why was she feeling this way?

After being forced to let Kogarashi sleep at her house following a freak snowstorm, Chisaki realised that she too had feelings for Kogarsahi. She asked Yuuna and Hibari to join her for sweets after school so that she could come clean. Sagiri got dragged along with them. When everyone finally confessed that they all loved Kogarashi the drama went to another level. Sagiri couldn’t take any more and went to the bathroom. However, she bumped into Kogarashi who was working there. She had to restrain him to keep him from going near their table in case he heard any of it. The girls resolved to remain friends and be happy for whoever ended up with Kogarashi…

What did you think?

This was a great volume. The main focus on this one was the fact that Chisaki realised that she loved Kogarashi too. After helping Yuuna and Hibari come to terms with their feelings and how they should act on them, she found herself feeling jealous and upset. It was beautifully done and left me feeling torn about my thoughts that Sagiri is the perfect one for Kogarashi, with Chisaki a close second. Anyhow, I loved it for taking something like this seriously and also sandwiching it between some of the funniest mini-arcs yet.

The one where they were trapped inside a cursed board game was amazing. I loved how every marker had a lewd encounter and how Koyuzu’s was just a small bath. It didn’t seem like much until one by one all of the other players were squeezed in. Then, there was Koyuzu’s magical girl antics. However, the moment that Hibari planned on telling Kogarashi will live on in my mind forever. She slipped off the roof and landed on his face, of course, but somehow his head ended up inside her panties. I don’t know how that was possible, but it was hilarious. And finally, Yuuna and Kogarashi went on a date and are now meeting with Ryuuzen, a fortune teller who knew that he was a psychic and that she was a ghost. She claims to be able to see Yuuna’s unfinished business too!

Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs Volume 6 Ryuuzen may have the answers

Volume highlights

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