Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead (Episode 11) – Hometown of the Dead II

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Akira and the others try to save the villagers and create a route for them to escape, however, Higurashi’s gang have other ideas. They’re determined to see this world collapse, no matter what they have to do!

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead (Episode 11) – Hometown of the Dead II

What happened?

Kencho caught up with Anju and managed to hide in a barn from the zombies. However, things weren’t looking so secure which forced them to the rooftop. Soon after, a ladder appeared and one of Higurashi’s gang climbed up with them. Kurasugi was determined to push them off the roof and let the zombies finish them off. He was angry at the world because he believed that his wife abandoned him. She appeared to resent him for his perceived failures, shutting him out of their lives. However, Kencho believed that it was Kurasugi who was the one to blame for not treating his wife in the manner she deserved. That infuriated Kurasugi even more, but when he tried to push Kencho off, he found himself falling too. When they hit the ground Kencho stripped and dived head-first into the slurry pit as the zombies quickly surrounded Kurasugi.

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Episode 11 Kurasugi watches as Kencho dives into the slurry pit

Meanwhile, Shizuka found the elderly villages hiding in a house. She tried to get them to run with her, but they told her to go without them. They were old and would only hold her back. She wasn’t willing to accept that and drew the zombies into a cornfield. Unfortunately, she drew the attention of Atenbou, another of Higurashi’s gang. He believed that the world was unfair and luck had never been on his side. As a result, he had never kissed a girl and he was going to change his luck with Shizuku, whether she wanted to or not. Back in the house, Old Man Hikoemon woke from his dementia in a moment of clarity. He told the others off for letting Shizuku take the burden and for giving up. They may be old, but the land had made them hard. They rallied around him and ran to save Shizuku.

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Episode 11 Atenbou chasing Shizuku

Beatrix quickly made her way to the water wheels but couldn’t see a way to stop them. Of course, that wasn’t helped by Kanbayashi who rammed her off her horse and then pulled a power saw on her. They fought, but no matter how good Beatrix was, her swords were no match for something this powerful. Kanbayashi was furious that Beatrix believed that they were wrong to have done this. It was just like in the office when no one would see that she was always right. As Kanbayashi mulled on this point, Beatrix grabbed one of the water wheels and was soon on top. The zombies followed, creating enough weight to pull the wheel off. Beatrix walked on top of the wheel as it crashed through the zombies, rolling over the top of Kanbayashi.

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Episode 11 Kabanyashi fighting Beatrix

Akira had been busy defending his parent house where his parents and the other survivors were hiding. He was determined to pay back his parents for everything they did for him. That was when the door opened and Akira’s father dragged him inside. He told him that if he wanted to pay back his parents he wouldn’t make them watch him die. His father took up the fight with the zombies, but his condition was making it tough. Finally, Higurashi arrived and dragged him into the bucket of the digger. He demanded that Akira would allow himself to be bitten by a zombie or he would throw his father to them. What would Akira do?

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Episode 11 Akira's father fighting zombies

What did you think?

I watched this episode straight after the last one and then the final one after that. This is a three-parter that is worth watching in one go. It almost works like a movie, providing you’ve seen the rest of the series as there’s a fair amount of setup and you’re expected to know the characters. Anyhow, it’s a blast. It could have easily been bogged down by the backstories of the three members of Higurashi’s gang, but it managed to keep the pace moving. I’m glad that this series didn’t try to save any of them as they were well past the point of redemption (although in the manga, they do rehabilitate Atenbou).

I mentioned in the last episode that the foreshadowing was a little heavy-handed and we saw the results of that in this episode, and the end of the last episode. Kencho was told that jumping in the slurry pit was supposed to have some sort of life-extending properties in the last episode. Well, that was definitely the case as he wasn’t instantly eaten by zombies. I enjoyed the fight between Beatrix and Kanbayashi although it could have gone on a little longer. However, the best moment for me, which was in keeping with the positive messages this show has consistently delivered, was when Old Man Hikoemon told the villagers that they were strong enough to survive and that age had nothing to do with it.

Next up is the final episode of the season and we’ll get to see some more results of the foreshadowing. Akira has a tough decision to make!

Zom 100 Bucket List of the Dead Episode 11 Old Man Hikoemon

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  1. I suppose being about to jump into a cesspool is a perfectly valid reason for getting naked. I would not have dove in head first. However, given his behavior in the last episode he has moved to the creepy side, as Anjou pointed out.

    Kanbayashi is waving a hedge trimmer around. Probably not as effective as a chain saw but still pretty gruesome. I have known people liker her at work.

    They pulled their punch with Atenbou. He’s a classic incel. Forcing his tongue down a girls throat is obviously proxy for a different part of his anatomy. But this is still supposed to be shounen.

    • I mean, if it saves you from the zombies… can always wash it off later, but yeah, head first!!!

      Agreed, I’ve experienced people like that too. Completely inflexible and with a higher than might opinion of themselves.

      That’s also alarming true. It was his tongue in the manga too, so at least they’re being consistent. Still can’t believe they let him live in the manga though.

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