Have I Been Isekaied? (Starting From Zero)

The Otaku Author Staring from Zero

Did anyone get the license plate of Truck-kun? Don’t panic, I haven’t actually been Isekaied, but my website has! As a result, this is the beginning… the very first post in a new adventure!

Have I Been Isekaied? (Starting From Zero)


You may not have noticed, but things have been a little quiet on the Otaku Author for a few days. In truth, this has been going on in the background for about a week and much longer in my head. The biggest change to things is that I have switched my hosting package and as a result have an SSL certificate. It doesn’t change much, but now certain web browsers won’t treat my site as a criminal!

I also decided to fully embrace the Otaku Author brand and as a result, you may also notice that this blog is now on the OtakuAuthor.com domain, freeing my old domain of LynnSheridan.com for me to do something semi-professional regarding my fiction. As a part of the big switch, I have unpublished all of my posts… yep, all of them! It was a difficult decision to make, but it does mean that I have them all saved ready to rerelease when the time presents itself.

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba Episode 13 Tsuzumi Demon Crying

That will have to wait a little while, however, as there were four anime seasons that I was in the middle of covering when the change happened. They were Dr. Stone, Fire Force, My Hero Academia, and Cautious Hero. I will be reposting all of those first, slowly bringing them back up to speed with the regular release schedule. One of those shows has literally just finished and that means we get to have a Dr. Stone takeover for the first twenty-four hours of The Otaku Author.

That’s right, I will be reposting a Dr. Stone episode review every hour until 08:00 tomorrow when the new review for episode 24 will appear. I’ve absolutely loved this show and if you have seen it, I doubt you’ll be too upset to revisit it. However, if you haven’t yet watched it, now is your chance to do so. It really is a fantastic series and it deserves far more love than it’s getting.


I know this may seem like a drastic move, but it’s something that has been on my mind for a little while now and I’m certain that Yomu was sick of me constantly saying, “should I do it?” A lot of my older posts are old and desperately in need of a complete overhaul and as I was working through them anyhow, it made sense to pull them down and start fresh. Some may never see the light of day again and others will come back bigger and stronger than before.

This is my fifth or sixth blog and it has taken me a while to work out the direction in which I want to take it. I’m confident that I now know what I’m doing… maybe… Anyhow, I think this short blip will turn into a massive positive for me and the site in the not-so-distant future.

Anything Else???

Why yes, I may have done something that is completely insane and that was to change all of my social media handles to reflect The Otaku Author brand… I know, crazy, right? On Twitter, I changed my handle from @TheEarthLynn to @TheOtakuAuthor. I have a new Facebook page and even a new Pinterest account. I am literally starting from zero and oddly, to quote Senku, it’s exhilarating.

Dr Stone Episode 1 Senku Satisfied

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy this new direction and renewed purpose. I have lots planned for the New Year and am looking forward to getting things started. Also, if you have any questions about setting up a blog on a self-hosted site or moving a blog, hit me up while it’s still fresh in my mind. Thanks for reading.


    • Basically, I’ve unpublished everything, changed my URL, lost all my SEO rankings, and am starting fresh. It might not seem like the smartest choice but I think long term, I’ll be better for it.

  1. I was wondering what happen to your site. When I was trying to read it the other day. I thought you got hacked or something. But, its good for you because every time I had to enter your site it kept trying to block me out of it.

    • Yeah, it’s a shame to lose the rankings and whatnot, but to have potential readers pushed away because of it using http rather than https was too much to put up with.

      And don’t worry, all my Highschool of the Dead posts will be back and bigger and better than ever.

    • Thanks and I am excited. What I’ve done is fairly crazy and probably defies all advice, but I feel pretty good about it right now. Only time will tell if it was the right decision.

    • Thanks, Pete. I have a new SSL, URL, and HTTPS… Acronyms! I’m gonna to catch them all!

      I thought about going with Trouser Browser, but possibly not the demographic I’m targetting!

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