Call of the Night (Volume 2) – Supply and Demand

Call of the Night Volume 2 Cover

Ko Yamori thinks he might have fallen in love with Nazuna Nanakusa and as such can now become a vampire. Unfortunately, one kiss is not love. At least, they can still hang out at night, when there is always something to do!

Call of the Night (Volume 2) – Supply and Demand

What happened?

Ko greeted Nazuna with a glint in his eye and his most provocative come-hither pose. Nazuna played along, but she was sure that he hadn’t fallen in love with her. No doubt, a vampire can tell this sort of thing since it’s integral to their procreation. Still, they did kiss and that must mean something.

Akira was having a hard time sleeping once more and left her house at midnight, hoping to while away the hours until school starts. She bumped into Ko who asked her to hang out with him and Nazuna. She agreed and soon discovered what Ko was hoping to achieve from hanging out with Nazuna. At least he had a goal. When it started raining, they all ended up lying on Nazuna’s futon and promptly fell asleep.

The next day, Nazuna was on her way to meet with Ko when she petted a stray cat and started to feel dirty. A quick trip to the bathhouse took care of that, although Ko almost didn’t recognise her with her hair down. As it happened, he would have liked a bath, so they went back.

Nazuna revealed to Ko how she used to make money and get blood at the same time. She offered a professional cuddle buddy service to help people sleep and once they were asleep, she fed. She even gave Ko a free session, but they were interrupted by an old client. Nazuna was tired from giving Ko a massage so she forced him to take her client for her, a twenty-four-year-old office worker called Shirakawa. Ko realised she was like him and was horrified when she was about to go back to the office.

Call of the Night Volume 2 Ko Yamori and Nazuna Nanakusa in a love hotel

What did you think?

This series is fantastic. I love how chilled it feels and as a child of the night myself, this resonates so strongly with me. There’s something calm and magical about the night when the streets are empty and the world is quiet. I love the solitude and can absolutely relate to Ko. The scene with Shirakawa was probably my favourite. I loved how Ko gave her enough of an out so that she could face her job with a new perspective.

Nazuna continues to be amazing too. The moment she called Ko a slut for revealing his neck was hilarious and her cuddle buddy service is brilliant. It’s exactly what I could see her doing so that was wonderful. I still love the interactions between Akira and Ko. There’s something so wonderfully innocent about this series despite the topics it looks at. Even when Nazuna is being a bit of a jerk by flirting with guys in front of Ko, it still manages to pull everything back together.

I decided that I would watch the anime after reading the first volume. I haven’t gotten to that yet, but this volume just made me want to make sure that I do. If it has half the energy that these books have I know I’m going to love it.

Call of the Night Volume 2 Ko Yamori offers Nazuna Nanakusa his neck

Volume highlights

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