Claymore (Volume 1) – Silver-Eyed Slayer

Claymore Volume 1 Cover

The Yoma have existed since the beginning of man, feasting on their insides. In an attempt to turn the tide, humanity created a half-breed capable of detecting their presence and killing them. The people call them Claymores!

Claymore (Volume 1) – Silver-Eyed Slayer

What happened?

Raki and his brother have lived with their uncle ever since their parents were killed by a Yoma. However, the killing hasn’t stopped there. With the rate of deaths increasing the village elder is forced to make a decision he would rather not make – they need to hire a Claymore. A slender woman enters the village later that day with a huge sword strapped to her back. She is the Claymore. She tells the elder that soon either the Yoma or her will be dead.

Raki was curious about the Claymore and decided to follow her, which almost cost him his life. He introduced himself and asked her name, but she told him he would forget all about her soon enough. Then, the bell went which meant it was time for Raki to go make dinner for his brother and uncle. However, when he got home, his brother was eating his uncle. His brother was the Yoma. He was annoyed that the Claymore had shown up so it was time for him to leave, but not before eating Raki!

The Claymore burst through the ceiling and attacked. She had followed the Yoma’s scent which was all over Raki. The Yoma was confident that a human couldn’t hurt him so he went on the offensive. The Claymore moved with a speed that was unparalleled and could wield her giant sword with one hand. The Yoma didn’t stand a chance. When Raki came to, he learnt that the Claymore was leaving. He ran after her and thanked her, asking to know her name one more time. Her name was Clare.

Claymore Volume 1 Clare fighting Yoma

What did you think?

So, this is my second time reading this series and my first time putting my thoughts into words. I love it and this was a fascinating start. As with the first time I read this, Raki is the single most annoying character in the book. My hope is that I’ll find a reason for him being there because if he could just be removed and nothing changes, I’ll be a little upset. However, everything else is amazing.

At this stage of the story, it’s focused on telling us about Clare, her struggles and her potential future. We see that in the mission with the Black Card where she must defeat her friend Elena before she loses control of the Yoma side of her. This was a far more effective way of revealing exposition than the clumsy way it did at the beginning of the volume with Raki and his brother.

Another thing to note about this book is that the art is generally very clean and minimal for the most part. Then, every once and a while, it is fantastic. There are panels that are so beautifully detailed. I can’t get enough of it and that’s without things stepping up a gear. Mild spoiler, this series gets crazy and it has moments that H.R. Giger would be proud of. This is an incredible series.

Claymore Volume 1 Clare

Volume highlights

  • Series Review
    • Volume 1 – Silver-Eyed Slayer
    • Volume 2 – Darkness in Paradise

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  1. I’ve been meaning to rewatch the anime, but the thought of hearing Raki say “Clare!” over and over and over makes me hesitate. I can still remember exactly how his voice sounds now, ~5 years later because of that.

    • I know, his voice is unbearable. I love everything else about the series, but he is just the worst.

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