Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign (Volume 2) – The Moon Demon Company

Seraph of the End Volume 2 Cover

Yuichiro is desperate to get his hands on some black demon cursed gear so that he can finally start avenging his family. However, he now has another family to look out for, but will that be enough?

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign (Volume 2) – The Moon Demon Company

What happened?

Yuichiro had passed the latest test and even killed a vampire. Now, he was ready to continue his training in the hopes of joining the Moon Demon Company under Guren Ichinose. That would get him a black demon cursed weapon, one of the few things that can actually kill a vampire. To do that, he will need to convince the demon that resides within the weapon to become his servant and give him the use of its power. Easier said than done.

Meanwhile, Mikaela survived the escape and was transformed into a vampire by Krul Tepes, a Third Progenitor. She had found Ferid Bathory among the chaos and was furious that one of her seraphs had walked out the door and the other was moments from death. Ferid seemed unconcerned and even managed to jest at Krul’s expense. She took his arm for the insolence and then turned Mikaela.

Yuichiro continued to push Guren for a chance attempt to make a contract with a demon. Never one to follow procedure, Guren grew tired of waiting and tested the class himself. He flooded the room with cursed energy. Anyone that was still standing could come and try out. Yuichiro, Kimizuki, Shinoa, and Yoichi were the only students who didn’t instantly pass out and were taken to choose their weapons. Now, they just needed to make the demon submit to them.

Seraph of the End Volume 2 Guren Ichinose tests the class

What did you think?

I said in my review of the first volume that I found Yuichiro to be infuriating. He’s the screaming shounen protagonist that thinks they know everything and refuses to let anyone tell them otherwise. Well, that has continued into this volume, although I’m quite certain that he calms down somewhat from here on. Even so, Yuichiro is not the main reason to read this series, in my opinion. Sure, he’s interesting enough, but it’s the world that stands out for me.

Well, the world of vampires and demons to be precise. I love the scene where Krul and Ferid are talking about Yuichiro and Mikaela. They have a wonderful dynamic, especially when you realise that you cannot trust anything they are saying or doing. The scheming in this series is on another level entirely, however, it becomes that much more apparent on the second read.

Then, we have the demons that inhabit the weapons. They are constantly trying to take over the host, but agree to give them their power to entertain themselves and allow them that chance. Yuichiro’s discussion with Asuramaru is excellent and she raises some interesting questions about Yuichiro’s body and who he can trust. Everyone really is playing for themselves in this series. Like I said, scheming, scheming, scheming. It’s a lot of fun trying to work out who’s up to what.

Seraph of the End Volume 2 Krul Tepes finding Mikaela Hyakuya and Ferid Bathory

Volume highlights

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    • Yes. There are 24 episodes which barely scratches what the manga covers.

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